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My quotes are all original, and all true. I know what it's like to be heart broken, and I'm here for anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on or somewhere to vent. Anyone can comment on any of my quotes and share their input or personal experience. You won't be judged. 

Love and peace to all,
            - iknowhowithurts.

Quotes by iknowhowithurts

And watching him walk away with her, I texted:

lease, please don't do this. I love you more than you know, and this is killing me.<<

...and then deleted it, and said I didn't care*

And then you left, with her. You went outside with some friends, leaving me, your girlfriend, inside. The worst part, was when my best friend came back inside and said, "I'm sorry. he's all over her. I saw it myself." But then it got even worse, cus after you cheated, I still didn't want it to be over. </3

favorite if your heart just can't take it again. </3
comment if you want to share your story. </3

what hurts the most, is seeing him with her. they look so happy. but then again, everyone else does when you're broken hearted.

favorite if you've ever really felt this way.

how do i get better once i've had the best?
if i could go back & change what i did, i would. but i can't. so let's pretend i did & just kiss me <3
this time was different. & even though i might of been just a fling to you. you were everything to me.
oh she's jealous? good, that means i'm doing it right.