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name: bridget
age: thirteen
music choice: alternative, pop, R&B, screamo, indie, rock
the athletics: soccer
favorite show: One Tree Hill
my life be like: ohhh ahhh(: haha, well i am a total goofball. i try to live life with no regrets, but i admit, i do regret many things that i have done. i love elephants
( they make me feel small(: ) but teddy bears are cool too. i used to think unicorns were real and zebras were imaginary. i 'm kinda a freak sometimes and i laugh for no reason but somehow  i guess people like me for that. yeah i 'm single, crushin' and fosho not looking (or atleast not online i 'm not) i usually make up my own words and use them in regular sentences, i call it bridget spanish but really, it 's nothing like spanish. haha. right now i don 't have a favorite color, i 'm sort of stuck between yellow, red, purple, and black. 13 is my all time favorite number. i used to wish everynight at 11:11 but then i realized whatever i wish for, the opposite would come true. i 'm currently reading the bible and i pray to jesus whenever i 'm feeling lost and need guidence. i go to therapy because i used to harm myself, and had horrible thoughts so my mom felt it was a must, but i wasn 't exactly against the idea of therapy, i was actually kind of excited to get help. um well that 's pretty much everything about me that i can think of at the moment. yupp, comment/follow/rate high

Quotes by ilessthenthreeyou

i was trying to fly
but i couldn't find wings
but you came along
and changed everything
you life my feet off the ground
spin me around
you make me crazier, crazier

i 'm scared
.because for once.
is okay, but i 'm worried
that 's going to change

my life has been so hard lately,
i had to go to therapy, i became
mildly depressed, i cut myself but
now everything is good. no, it 's better
then good it 's great! and i 'm really scared
something bad is going to happen and i 'll
be back at square one. what should i do??

sometimes it's not enough
having everything
i want to be his favorite
&his hardest

makes you stronger

rate high!

&+i do requests now(:

&+She just sat there
confused as can be
waiting for his call ...

but the truth is,
he 's not calling

what does it say for you?


I liked it when you
              liked me </3

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