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name: bridget
age: thirteen
music choice: alternative, pop, R&B, screamo, indie, rock
the athletics: soccer
favorite show: One Tree Hill
my life be like: ohhh ahhh(: haha, well i am a total goofball. i try to live life with no regrets, but i admit, i do regret many things that i have done. i love elephants
( they make me feel small(: ) but teddy bears are cool too. i used to think unicorns were real and zebras were imaginary. i 'm kinda a freak sometimes and i laugh for no reason but somehow  i guess people like me for that. yeah i 'm single, crushin' and fosho not looking (or atleast not online i 'm not) i usually make up my own words and use them in regular sentences, i call it bridget spanish but really, it 's nothing like spanish. haha. right now i don 't have a favorite color, i 'm sort of stuck between yellow, red, purple, and black. 13 is my all time favorite number. i used to wish everynight at 11:11 but then i realized whatever i wish for, the opposite would come true. i 'm currently reading the bible and i pray to jesus whenever i 'm feeling lost and need guidence. i go to therapy because i used to harm myself, and had horrible thoughts so my mom felt it was a must, but i wasn 't exactly against the idea of therapy, i was actually kind of excited to get help. um well that 's pretty much everything about me that i can think of at the moment. yupp, comment/follow/rate high

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When I was younger, I didnt know I lived in a mansion.
Then i went to a friends house and was like..oh.
-Paris Hilton

Like yesterday, I didn't know Paris Hilton had friends.
Then I read this quote and was like...oh.

***Haha no offense to those of you who love Paris.
rock, paper, scissors.
i understand how scissors can beat paper,
and how rock can beat scissors, but there is
n | o || f | r | e | a | k | i | n | g || w | a | y
paper can beat rock. is paper supposed to
m a g i c a l l y  wrap itself around rock and
leave it  i m m o b i l e ? why the hell can't
paper do this to scissors? actually,
s c r e w  s c i s s o r s ,
why can't paper do this to  p e o p l e ?
why aren't sheets of college-ruled notebook
paper constantly  s u f f o c a t i n g  students
while they're taking notes in class? i'll tell you why:
because paper can''t beat  a n y b o d y . a rock can
tear that crap up in  t w o  s e c o n d s. when i play rock,
paper, scissors, i always choose rock. then when somebody
c l a i m s  to have beaten me, i'll punch them in the face with my
c l e n c h e d  f i s t  and say, "oh, i'm sorry i thought your
paper would protect you."

*credit to caligurl6354
changed a few words,
but i love itt hahaa

God Gave Me 5 Fingers For A Reason
my pinky is for my best friends and our promises that will *never be broken*
my ring finger is for {him} and for proof that we’ll be together forever
my middle finger is for that girl that pushes me too far and to .s.h.o.w. h.e.r. how I feel
my pointer finger is to s i l e n c e them, to savor the moment
my thumb is for -everyone-, to let them know that I’m gonna be okay,
No Matter What

ALL MINE! NO JOCKING!! i reaaaaaalllllly like this! hehe<3
This quote does not exist.

ove is powerful.

It has crossed oceans, climbed mountains,
it has
traveled through snowstorms and death,
and tragedy. It has forced its way
through the cracks in jail cells and it has
strong in the winds of hurricanes. Love has
given mothers the strength to lift cars for
babies, the strength for two people, man or
woman to fight everything and everyone to
be together. Love is the most powerful force
on the face of this Earth. It is strong, and it
makes strong. Love is so strong, you cannot
hold it alone - love takes two.                <3

This quote does not exist.
how to do all black backgrounds
[ and other colors ]

step 1)
highlight & copy this code:

<div style=" background-color: #000000"> type here </div>

step 2)
go 'Add a Quote'. when you get the the add a quote box, click the Source button in the toolbar.

step 3)
paste that code.

step 4)
replace 'type here' with all your text and stuff

         step 5)
go back to step 1. see how i bolded/underlined the #000000? that's called the hexedecimal value. basically it's the color but in HTML. those 6 numbers change the background color. i'll give you some basic colors so you can experiment.


replace the #000000 with those codes, and you can have different colored backgrounds. (:
I really thought I was ready
I thought I was ready for "love."
After all, what did movies show me
"love" was? They told me it was
this great feeling which made two
people inseperable and happy and
gave them butterflies and made all
their problems go away. That's
what I thought love was. I didn't
realize how horrible it is. It's wanting
something you can't have so much
that it hurts. It's not being able
to think about anyone else, even when
there is something really important
that you should be worrying about.
It's being absolutely and positively
sure that you need someone to hold
you, never let go, and take you to
somewhere beautiful. It's knowing
that your heart can't take much more
of anything without that person. It's
looking at your empty hands and
suddenly feeling like you've lived
a pointless life. It's worrying about
things you never cared about before
and those same things don't matter
to the other person anyway. It's
wishing they would look you straight
in the eyes and seeing how much you
need them, and them needing you
back. It's those stupid butterflies
that last for as long as your heart
holds the memories you two shared.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
And it always ends one of two ways.
Option One: finding out that they
don't care about you, and you're
actually unimportant to them. After
that you suffer from heartbreak,
embarrassment, and now it's your
problem to find someone new because
that's the only possible way you can
move on. Option Two: getting together
with them, having all of the things
you thought you wanted, but not
feeling the results you expected.
Eventually things end and everything's
awkward, your heart is broken,
and you lose all hope. You blame him
but you blame yourself. It's
so unbearable that not even ice
cream and music and your best
friends can help for weeks afterwards.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
so maybe you make new memories
in the middle, and maybe you'll
find a friend along the way, but
if I have to go through all of that
to get there, I think I'd rather just
go without it at all. I'll survive,
I have my friends, and I don't need
that pain on my shoulder right now or ever.

Anyway, I'll be fine alone.
mirror mirror,  o th wall;;
who’s      the      biggest      |[ fool ]|      of      them       all?
Maybe  it’s  the  girl who  couldn’t [ [ s t o p ] ] crying.
Or  maybe  it’s  the  girl who  [ [ k e p t  o n ] ]  trying.*

*credit to Funky_Fades for the fade*
credit to someone i saw it beforre
and saved it on my computer, so i
cant remeber the name =]

D a m a g e d P e o p l e  a r e  D a n g er o u s
           b   e   c   a   u   s   e         t   h   e   y         k   n   o   w

    They can Survive