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name: bridget
age: thirteen
music choice: alternative, pop, R&B, screamo, indie, rock
the athletics: soccer
favorite show: One Tree Hill
my life be like: ohhh ahhh(: haha, well i am a total goofball. i try to live life with no regrets, but i admit, i do regret many things that i have done. i love elephants
( they make me feel small(: ) but teddy bears are cool too. i used to think unicorns were real and zebras were imaginary. i 'm kinda a freak sometimes and i laugh for no reason but somehow  i guess people like me for that. yeah i 'm single, crushin' and fosho not looking (or atleast not online i 'm not) i usually make up my own words and use them in regular sentences, i call it bridget spanish but really, it 's nothing like spanish. haha. right now i don 't have a favorite color, i 'm sort of stuck between yellow, red, purple, and black. 13 is my all time favorite number. i used to wish everynight at 11:11 but then i realized whatever i wish for, the opposite would come true. i 'm currently reading the bible and i pray to jesus whenever i 'm feeling lost and need guidence. i go to therapy because i used to harm myself, and had horrible thoughts so my mom felt it was a must, but i wasn 't exactly against the idea of therapy, i was actually kind of excited to get help. um well that 's pretty much everything about me that i can think of at the moment. yupp, comment/follow/rate high

ilessthenthreeyou's Favorite Quotes

e a h   i   d o

threaten my computer.
tell the tv what to do.
yell at my hairbrush.
and talk to inanimate things.

ut that's just me

*fade credit to K_stewxo <3(:

The People
who are crazy enough
to think they can
change the world,
are the ones that actually do.

I t ' s  r e a l l y  w e i r d.
Guys don't obsess over  l o v e . (  I don't think so anyway.  )
But when they do, when they're truly in love, t h a t 's   i t.
They don't want anyone else, and they don't even look at
a    n    y    o    n    e      e    l    s    e
They find the one, and that's it. They commit  1 1 0 %. But
girls we obsess over love. We want it. Bad. But it seems like
we "fall in love" with  every  single  boy we go out with. We
commit 110%. If that guy dumps us, we eat ice cream,
hate  the  ex  and  his  new  girl
and move on to a new guy. If that's the case, you didn't love
him. You loved the  idea  of  him. So, I see all these quotes
talking about how the boy dumped you, and  how  much  it
hurts even though you probably didn't  r e a l l y  love him.
Now think about the boy you dumped who truly loved you.

*This is from what I have seen, in real life. This is NOT, I repeat, NOT directed
towards every single girl on Witty, so don't be offended. Really. I know someone's
going to comment and say that this is untrue/girls aren't all like that/some guys do the
ON WITTY. It's directed towards the people this quote does actually pertain to.
Anyways, thanks for reading the rude disclaimer. Have a nice day :]
 s i g n e d   w i t h   l o v e ,  
 pS: why isn't it ever the other way around
 When  did  I  know?
I knew I was in love  when ... Well, I believe it was
sometime in November. Yes it was November of
the year 2007  &  we were all sitting in Gym class..
He was laughing along with the others.  Probably
about something a friend said. He didn't look any
different.  I mean ... the light didn't fall on him in
any special way & there was no wind blowing in
his hair, there was no angelic choir to be heard..
No, n o t h i n g was different. Except . . . when he
looked at me
, face smiling, eyes dancing...I very
simply knew that I wanted to be able to see that
. . .that
wonderful face, happy everyday. Yes,
that's  right,  you  read  that  correctly ::
Every single day  ::  for the rest of my life.
  That's when I knew.
Why am i
chasing after something
i  x  c a n t  x  h a v e
This quote does not exist.
I dare you
to tell him your madly in love with him,
your not going to live forever

_** new series?? commenntt!

dream of
happiness, and pain. they dream
of things they know might never
happen.  (:    but mainly, they
 dream so they can escape
reality,  &&maybe, just
could be         okay.even
only for                    a few
mom-                             ents
♥                                       ♥
i broke every mirror in my house
so i didnt have to see my hideous face ever again.
now theres tons of sharp, broken glass
and one very suicidal girl.
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