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name: bridget
age: thirteen
music choice: alternative, pop, R&B, screamo, indie, rock
the athletics: soccer
favorite show: One Tree Hill
my life be like: ohhh ahhh(: haha, well i am a total goofball. i try to live life with no regrets, but i admit, i do regret many things that i have done. i love elephants
( they make me feel small(: ) but teddy bears are cool too. i used to think unicorns were real and zebras were imaginary. i 'm kinda a freak sometimes and i laugh for no reason but somehow  i guess people like me for that. yeah i 'm single, crushin' and fosho not looking (or atleast not online i 'm not) i usually make up my own words and use them in regular sentences, i call it bridget spanish but really, it 's nothing like spanish. haha. right now i don 't have a favorite color, i 'm sort of stuck between yellow, red, purple, and black. 13 is my all time favorite number. i used to wish everynight at 11:11 but then i realized whatever i wish for, the opposite would come true. i 'm currently reading the bible and i pray to jesus whenever i 'm feeling lost and need guidence. i go to therapy because i used to harm myself, and had horrible thoughts so my mom felt it was a must, but i wasn 't exactly against the idea of therapy, i was actually kind of excited to get help. um well that 's pretty much everything about me that i can think of at the moment. yupp, comment/follow/rate high

ilessthenthreeyou's Favorite Quotes

And that was the day she crashed down.
Life was so confusing to her; too many question were still left to be answered,
and too many fights had to yet be fixed. She had had enough; didn't want to deal
with all the drama anymore. The worstpart of it all was that she was the one
changing; not everyone else. But nobody would have known that she was hurting
inside. Everyday she entered school with a smile plastered on her face. But that
was the day she ran all the way home, jumped on her bed, blasted the radio, 
b  r  o  k   .
The girl that used to smile all of the time:
Started Cutting.
The girl who used to be okay with herself:
Lost All Of Her Confidene.
The girl who used to think she was pretty:
Can't Stand The Sight Of Herself Anymore.
The girl whos closet used to be filled with pink clothes:
Doesn't Wear Anything But Black Now.
The girl who used to have a great boyfriend:
Stopped Talking To Boys Altogether.
The girl  who seemed unbreakable:

whenever someone asks me
if I believe in f o r e v e r , I just laugh; because
the way my life is going, i'm not sure if i'll even
[  m a k e   i t   t h r o u g h   t o m o r r o w . 
This quote does not exist.

you deserve the right kind of love.
----> the kind of love that makes you truly happy.
the fantastic stuff you see in books and movies.
and even if you aren't together forever, you'll want
to look back and never regret
f a l l i n g  i n  l o v e  w i t h 
h i m--
yeah, that's the kind of love we all deserve.

*quote credit to AimProsForTheNeedy on Xanga.. fade by me.
and when the rest of the
world walks by, i’ll be here,
 i promise
He said:
We're the most perfect
couple there is.

She said:

And why is that?

He simply replied:
We're in love.
You never know how
You are...
until being strong is the

choice you have.
t h e  f i n a l  i n s p e c t i o n
read - it's worth it 

The Marine stood and faced God
Which must always come to pass
He hoped his shoes were shining, 
Just as brightly as his brass. 
"Step forward now, Marine
How shall I deal with you? 
Have you always turned the other cheek? 
To My Church have you been true?" 
The soldier squared his shoulders and said, 
"No, Lord, I guess I ain't. 
Because those of us who carry guns
Can't always be a saint
I've had to work most Sundays, 
And at times my talk was tough
And sometimes I've been violent
Because the world is awfully rough
But, I never took a penny, 
That wasn't mine to keep... 
Though I worked a lot of overtime
When the bills got just too steep. 
And I never passed a cry for help, 
Though at times I shook with fear
And sometimes, God, forgive me, 
I've wept unmanly tears
I know I don't deserve a place, 
Among the people here. 
They never wanted me around, 
Except to calm their fears 
If you've a place for me here, Lord
It needn't be so grand
I never expected or had too much, 
But if you don't, I'll understand
There was a silence all around the throne, 
Where the saints had often trod. 
As the Marine waited quietly, 
For the judgment of his God
"Step forward now, you Marine, 
You've borne your burdens well. 
Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets, 
You've done your time in Hell." 

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