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Yo! My Names Sam[:
Do you ever wonder who's thinking about you?♥

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Im Very Sarcastic..
& if you know me, you'd understand.

Sometimes my sarcasm can be cruel, but chill out im kidding, 
Whatever it is, i didnt mean it literally!
I believe in God a 100%

He is my creator!
Im a pro at video games. nuff said.

Im a really good listener, so if you need someone

 to talk to im always here!

I love winter(: 

Im a big texter, im like always texting.

I Love Photography! and i think im pretty good at it(:

I love Dogs
 pink is the favorite color!..


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Quotes by iliketoreadthesethings

"God gave me the choice to have a big d*ck or a good memory."
"I can't remember which one i chose"
This seriously just happened.
I've never been one to really relate to being hurt in a relationship
But i have now & believe me, it sucks.
it's amazing how
Easily you just tossed me aside
and got together with her.

(my quote.. Im just upset.)


*Opens Fridge*

"Baby You light up my world like nobody else..."


Who Else Remembers...

Those Underwear Commercials With Grown Men Dressed in Fruit Costumes
Just me?


W e  i   r  d     Th  o  u  g  h  t#1

 When pe0ple yawn,

Do deaf people think

they're screaming?

I honestly don't get how people like me.
people say my personality is great, -
i just say whats on my mind.
people say im pretty, - i try to look decent, but pretty is overestimating it
people say i smell good, - im wearing it because i like the smell too
people say im really nice, - i treat others the way i would like to be treated
people say my smile is beautiful, - my smile is like a dinosaurs smile
people say they love my shape, - having hips the size of niagra falls isn't cute
people say they love my laugh, - i love to laugh, so your going to hear it a lot.

Just venting.



You Should All, Like A Boss
"I am a ninja"
 "No your not"
"Did you seem you just do that?"
"Do what?"


So No One Is Allowed

At my friends old school to dress up for Halloween anymore, because one year this kid came to school on a bike, wearing a red jumpsuit, with tampons taped to him. He then rode around school telling people he was a

Mestrual Cycle.


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