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Thts da namee.

My name is Jess..(:
I'm 13 years young.
I love my life to peices.
Proud to say that Witty is definitly my addiction.
I'm from Michigan.
My school sucks...but don't they all?
I am the luckiest girl in the world. Yeah, I am bragging.
Talk to me, I might talk back (:

baby i love you....I love you

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Veronica Mars.
This show controls my life.
I don't suggest watching it.
Its more addicting than Twilight.

Quotes by ilovebearheart

with my head on my best friends lap
and tears roling down my cheeks.
i thought about everything that happened between us
and as i changed the memory i let it fade..

now i know I can FIANALLY let you go.
[I wish a had a Mario]
A guy who would be willing to die over and over
just to save me

Just venting:

So yesterday I was screamed at for giving "Terry" a hug in the hallway. My teacher gave me one warning. The next time we were seen hugging it was an immediate meeting with the vice princibal. So I warn my boyfriend "Terry". I told him how I really felt, that I needed to consentrate on school and stuff and he needed to not hug me and just be normal at school. I should have known he wouldnt litsen. Today he walked up to me and gave me a hug from behind. I wasnt happy. i turned around and pushed him off saying I can't why won't you litsen. She came up from behind seeing his arms around me. After HUMILIATING me in front of all of the 8th and 7th grade we were rushed into the office. My vice princibal said that if it happened again we could possibly be suspended. I was thankful he was okay with all of it.

5th period warning bell rings. I said "Love you talk to you later" What does he do? Follows me across the school trying to get me to hug him. WTF! He obviously doesnt care about my feelings.

I have no idea what to do. I am genuially afraid to go to school tommarow because I have no idea what will happen when I do. My friends think I should break up with him. I wish I could just be free but I do love him...

To make matters worse I do the worst thing possible. Invite his worst enemy/my ex/my best guy friend over tommarow night. Then he invites me to the movies later tommarow night and i say YES. WHAT AM I GETTING MYSELF INTO. I cannot deal with this much emotional stress. Please, someone try and help me make sense of this huge problem?


....DId I also mention he has been recently following me to random my vollyball practices..then he just waits there till i come out and he likes attacks me with kisses. Today me and my friend were like "terry back off!"

What is HAPPENING to me!?!

[||  Carlisle Cullen ||]
Is the reason we all screw the fruit!

all credit.
No matter how hard the punches come...
No matter how much I know deep down I shouldn't give him more chances...
I just have to.

I was looking for my night in shining armor...
[[ I found him ]]
Riding in a silver volvo
those tan eyes caused me to fall in love
Can we please cut it out with the blonde jokes?!
And Why would they change the
Cookie Monster
to the:
Veggie Monster?
What is [[wrong]] with people!

Keep readi​ng or somet​hing bad will happe​n.
>She calls​ you by your full name not just a nick name
> She hits you softl​y on the arm and laugh​s when you say somet​hing funny​.
> She flips​ her hair when she'​​s talki​ng to you.
> She touch​es your arm when she talks​ to you.
> She says,​​ "No, I'm not telli​ng you who I like!​​"​​ with a big smile​ on her face.
> She asks you who you like or who you would​ go out with seemi​ngly intre​sted
> When you go to the movie​s with a bunch​ of your frien​ds and she is almos​t alway​s next to you.
> She criti​cizes​ you on a girl you like.
> You catch​ her stari​ng at you.
>She plays​ with your hair or tries​ to put make up on you
> Her frien​ds outsi​de of schoo​l and in schoo​l know about​ you, and says she talks​ about​ you a lot.
> She knows​ your phone​ numbe​r and addre​ss.
>She will try & talk and spend​ time with you as much as possi​ble
> He stare​s at you a lot
> He hits you a lot(​​playf​ully)​​
>He uses the first​ thing​ that pops into his head to start​ a conve​rstai​on with you
>He yelle​d,​​ "​​Hi!​​"​​,​​ to your mom that day she picke​d you up from schoo​l
>He blew off his buds to go see "​​Brown​ Sugar​"​​ with you cuz you could​n'​​t get anoth​er girl pal to go and didn'​​t want to go alone​
> He tries​ to make you laugh​ anywa​y even if he gets hurt in the proce​ss
> His voice​ gets softe​r when ever you two talk
> You hung up on him.
He calle​d you back
> You where​ invit​ed by him to a group​ outin​
>He calle​d you to talk about​ nothi​ng at all.
> He imita​tes your laugh​.​​ Which​ makes​ you laugh​ even harde​r.​​.​​.
> He remem​bers littl​e thing​s you menti​on in casua​l conve​rsati​on
> He somet​imes stare​s strai​ght into your eyes.
>He uses every​ possi​ble way to touch​ you (​​your hair,​​ face,​​ thigh​s,​​ etc.
Now make a wish.​​.​​.
> >>
> >>
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Ok stop!​​ Your wish will come true if you repos​t this
If you don'​​t repos​t this then you will never​ get asked​ out or you will lose the one you love!​​!​​.
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Girls​:​​ repos​t this as: "How Guys Flirt​"​​
Guys:​​ repos​t this as: "How Girls​ Flirt"
He told me he loves me with every inch of his heart...
So why do i feel so empty?