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i love billy =] 4.12.07.^ yes doll faces! amanda, remeber when i got so mad at you so i went into your house and stole everything in your house!?!? yeah sorry, [= {ITS A JOKE LOL!!!!} -------->bestfriend

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dark blue dark blue have you ever been alone in a crowded room when im here with you. i say the world can be burning and burning down.
'my heart will go on'

= titanic theme song.
im sure you got some place that you'd probably rather be. <3
"can you rember siting by my side? on the bank of the delaware river, talking about whyy."
tu madre,
yes infact you just got burn in spanish.
boy did you just get out of a toaster cause you on fire!!!!!

^ my fav quote.
when the world flips upsidedown. your still in my internet.forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever ( <-- to be continued with that ever and ever thing [=)
when we were young the only thing that involved boys was crushes. Now its like going out is the whole world. If he says No you are sad for like the rest of the day, if he says yes you are happy for the rest of your life until the day comes, that he likes HER.
does it hurt to know ill never be there, bet it suck's see my face everywhere.

-never again.
kelly clarkson.