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my names kelly(:
16 on October 18th.
music is life;
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Quotes by ilovebrambels

You never know what its like to lose your best friend
until you actually do. Its one of the worst feelings in the world. And the worst part is knowing that there's absolutely nothing you can do to change that. </3

ipod on. world off.

so keep your hopes
uphigh ♥ 
and your head 

down low ♥

I finally found you,
my missing puzzle piece;
I'm complete ♥


&+who else thinks;
That   if   all   of   us   witty   girls   met,
We'd   be  
b   e   s   t   friends   *

i want you to hold me. i want you to put your arm around me. i want you to call me at 12 am just to sy "i love you". i want you to call me beautiful even if im ugly. i want you to make the first move. i want you to love me for who i am. i want you to think about me a lot. i want you to give me your sweatshirt when im cold. i want you to tease me. i want you to protect me. i want you to never lie to me. i want you to throw rocks at my window. i want you to hug me from behind. i want you to watch the notebook with me. i want you to kiss me in the rain.
i might want all these things,
but i need you to love me.
It started as a crush ;; &+ ended up meaning

in the world to me.*



When the sun shines ; we'll shine together

I say i love you once ; I say i love you twice.

Imma be outside your house. I'll stay up all night.

I'll show you this good time girl, to show you how i feel.

Why do you build me up , build me up buttercup baby just

to let my d o w n . & then mess me around and then worst of all,

you never call baby when you say you will. But i love you still;

I need you more than anyone darlin' ; you know that i have from the

start, so build me up buttercup

don't b r e a k my heart

A drop in the ocean,                    Its like wishing for rain
a change in the weather.           as i stand in the desert
I was hoping that you&me         but im holding you closer
     might end up together;              than most, cause you are my //

h e a v e n _*