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 Haii !
I'm not sure what to write, but welcome to my profile :) I hope you like it.
I don't really go on witty as often as I use to, but I try to go on to make quotes now and again. 
 Well don't be afraid to leave comments or ask questions, I'm friendly. 
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OH ANDD BELLADIXIE17 (♥my child♥)

This girl is amazing and you should be following her.
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Quotes by ilovechu4

Me During School: I wanna go home and eat food. 

I stopped using witty because all of the top quotes are just text posts from tumblr...


I hate you, but I love you. 


What you use an escape from your problems.

A place where if you have a different opinion everyone hates you for it.

There is beauty in everything but some are to blind to see it.


Cry Me A River
My response to everything.

His smile is the cutest thing 

That butterfly feeling you get when you like someone actually really sucks because it's more like a sickly feeling because you can’t stop worrying about whether or not they like you back. 


When life gives you one hundred reasons to cry

Show life you have a thousand reasons to smile