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Lovin' you is fun


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That Awkward Moment
when I cry during Captain America
but not during a movie like Seven Pounds or Remember Me
I have a superhero heart <3


Yes I'm a hipster
No I cannot make your hips stir
nor, quite frankly, do I want to.

format credit jimmy365

Yes I'm a hipster
No I do not have the word "hipster" in my username,
Cause that's too mainstream

format credit jimmy365

*lightly tosses phone onto bed*
Does routine that would put all Olympic gymanasts to shame. Jumps over a pillow, hits a wall
&& turns off

Random person on chat: Sorry to ask but are you a girl? Or boy?
Me: Umm wtf? I'm a unicorn. I don't have a gender. I can reproduce asexually. You jelly bro?
Random person: -_-
her lol!: NVM THEN


Best night of my life.

Rice crispies, milk && honey = Yumm