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All of my quotes are original ; unless they say "not mine" or "credit to" otherwise they are all original! I have been through a lot of things in my lifetime with friendship, love, family problems, and fights, so everything in my quotes are real things that happen of the way that i feel about things. Comment and rate! NO NEGATIVE THINGS PLEASE!


Quotes by ilovehim006

I really hate it when ... #2
you and your friend(s) are hanging out , and your bored .
and you have a really good idea to do something fun ,
but then it's time for them to leave .
I really hate it.

I really hate ... #1
when your really excited to go somewhere, & you know that it's gonna be loud,
and right before you leave you get a headache.
I really hate it.

when he said his n a m e ;
i knew it would be the beginning of
f o r e v e r .

^^ ilovehim006
it doesn't matter what you've done ;
i still love you <3
you give me

These are the moments ; I thank God that I'm alive.

Sometimes ;
what you w a n t isn't exactly what you n e e d .

why don't you go hump a cow  or something ?!

^ Mineee (:

i love you,
& that's what you, are getting yourself into <3
& You still mean the world to me, just so you know.