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Quotes by Alaska Young*

To anyone who reads this,
I cannot promise you a life full of happiness.
I can tell you that things will get hard, and you will
think that there is no way things can get better.
But wait it out for a while.  Do not go making
hast descisions.

Yes, growing up sucks But its apart of life. It happens
to us all.  You are still allowed to have fun no matter
how old you get. Remember that.

Remember that, you need to stay strong.
That things do get better.
There are people who love you, there are other
ways of showing that people care without saying
"i love you".

Don't take the little things for ganted.
Like your family, getting good grades in high school, and your friends.

In college, its not easy to get that 4.0 GPA everyone
dreams of having.
Its not the easiet to make new friends, like it is in high school.

I wish you the best of luck as you reach being 18
its september 24 2014.
i haven't been on here in while.
Im 18, graduated high school, a freshman in college now.
120 some days clean of self harm now.

so many things have changed since i have been on here last.
I was so young then.
i didnt care what people thought, i told people off.
I did whatever i wanted.
i lost people i was close to,by force.

i miss that. dont take that for granted
For Freshmen:

sorry but most of you will lose the friends you are walking into high schoool with
go to football games cheer on the boys on friday nights its fun.
join club, play sports.
talk to other people even if they arent in your group of friends
do your homework
study take notes
dont fool around all fou years.

have a good time

we did it, thorugh 12/13 years of schooling
4 long years of high school
we got our diplomas
we turned our tassel to the right side
we threw it as high as we could
and we are glad that we will never have to
step through high school as a student ever again.

Congrats Class of 2014
you would think, when i want to "draw" that i would be crying. but no. thats the exact opposite i sit there with it in my hand calm and patient because i'm releasing everything that i've bottleled up.  Its relief.
for me to think that someone would miss me on here, seems completely idiotic :)
I want to travel;
I want to see things I have not seen before
I want to take thousands of pictures
Pictures of people who I will never see again once
I have passed them
I want to expeirence new things
that aren't common from my home town
I want to meet people from other countries
I want to have an adventure
I want to explore

;okay so i know we all struggle with self confidence from time to time whether youre a guy or a girl
im making a page on my tumblr that will make you smile.&;nbsp; i just started it yesterday so theres not that
many post but theres about 15ish now.

i know the tag sad doesnt help but i dont feel like changing the tag on all the post
so bare with it.

okay thanks
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