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 What does the kool-aid man say in bed ?

Ohhhhh yeah


-all minee ; just  reposted itt for wittylovescontests funny contest[:
 Today, I texted my boyfriend saying hi. 
His response,
"I got your
best friend pregnant". 

for wittylovescontests funny contestt (:

I will never let you fall

///////////////////// I'll stand up with you forever, I'll be there for you through it all. « - - - - - - -

not my designn  
See I'm her best friend .
I've been up with her for hours  while she cried over you. I know everything about her&how much it takes for her to get hurt like this . 
So yeah, I could pretty much kill you right now & not feel guilt. Because she's my bestfriend
 --all mine i think . sorry if i jocked
 there's 2 kind of gaspingg . 

the worst, shittiest type of pain where you cry so hard you have to gasp for air . 

then there's that gasping when you're with your friends and you can't stop laughing . it's a good kind of pain [:

-hahah idk if it makess sensee . all minee
 okayy ; this is weird . 
if you type in the number thingy of one of the planes that hit the twin towers

Q33 NY

&&then you change the font to wingdingss

Q33 NY

It looks like a plane is going for 2 towers and then the death symbol .

weird right ?

Okay; if we have thousands of girls singing
"the party don't start till I walk in..."

Then that's gunna be one damn party to organize (:
--all minee♥


"Problem with time, I've learned is whether it was those first 2 weeks I got to spend with you; or the final 2 months I spent with him, is that time eventually always runs out"

--Dear John♥

 What goes through my mind when I send a textt ;

 1 minutee; no reaction
2 minutes; lemme check my phone
3 minutes; okayy . they're probably answering now
4 minutes; okay, any second noww
5 minutes; why the hell haven't they answered yet ?!
6 minutes; oh woops, they answered 4 minutes ago ;]

-all minee; click it♥
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