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Quotes by ilovelovex3

 I love how Dora gets horrassed by a weasel every single day,
and doesn't tell her parents.

Facebook groupp(:
but you're welcome to change that
-not mine. credit to whoever
   && he acts like he doesn't care, 
but we all know he's falling apart 
[ without ] her beautiful smile ; 
you can just see it in his eyes 
when he's looking at her

not mine but i love it<3
 Love me 
or hatee me,
either way I'm on your mindd(;
-not minee, credit to whoeverr(:
me because I'm beautiful;
me because your boyfriend thinks so (;

<3not mine; just liked it <3
 And sure it's funny to joke about 4.20 (weed day)
But 3 of my friends died because of an OD of drugs
and they weren't the ones doing the drugs.
They were 8, 7, and 5 years old. It ruined hundreds of peoples lives.

S      O            
S          T          F          U

~Rip little katie<3
in my heart forever

i sayy we start a revolutionn(:
Why waste all our time making quotes pretty?
I say we all just make them black and whitee in big fontss.
I mean they're still the same quotes right?
Whaddya sayy ?
 Do adults text their boyfriend/girlfriends?
-all minee(:
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