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Always seemed like something that happened to other couples. I felt bad for them, but
knew they would meet new people someday that would make them as happy as
my boyfriend made me. I wished for my friends to get boyfriends that are as good
to me as he was. I viewed me and my boyfriend as unbreakable, and that i could tell him
absolutely anything and he would be there for me no matter what and always love me.
But in time, the unbreakable couple splits up. I never cried so much in my life.
You never really know about it until it happens to you. I never knew why girls cried
so much over one guy when there's so many other guys, but now I understand.
You feel hopeless, and after dating someone for so long, you forget how to live without
You remember him holding your hand and kissing you in the school hallway,
saying that he loves you, just so that the next day you two will be broken up. It's all
those girls
that liked your boyfriend you told off smiling that to two are finally over.
It's all of those relationship haters getting what they want. It's not hanging out with his
family anymore. It's loosing a best friend. It's walking past him in the halls with awkward
eye contact and going to your locker without him being there. It's hugging the teddy bear
he gave you while crying yourself to sleep. It's not being able to message him everything
that you feel because you know he doesn't feel the same anymore. It's hearing from other
what he said about you because you and him aren't on speaking terms. It's going
to school and having to put on a fake face that your friends can see through anyways.
It's acting strong in front of your parents because it's better than having an awkward
vent session
with them. It's remembering all of those hours we spent together on the phone,
talking about everything that ran through our minds, knowing you can't have another minute
like that on the phone with him ever again. It's feeling hopeless because the one person
you could be 100% yourself with doesn't want you anymore. It's being willing to give
everything you have just to get back to how it was yesterday. It's having your coach ask
you what's wrong and you lying saying you ate something funny that day. It's crying
your eyes out to your friends and venting how you feel even though you know they can't
do anything about it.
It's going home to realize he changed his profile picture,
relationship status, and facebook password, without messaging you.
It's him being okay while you're broken in pieces.
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  i i

n   o   m   a   t   t   e   r     w   h   a   t   ,
you'll aways have feelings for your first love.
& he'll always have feelings for you. but of course, neither of you will ever admit it, because you're both afraid of being weak & showing the pain. But on the inside you know it's true. You both won't ever go back, even when sometimes you might want to. You tell yourselves that you hate eachother, but you know it's not true.. You're both seeing new people, but on the inside you know you'll never replace

y   o   u   r   f   i   r   s   t   l   o   v    e  .

When I look at the sky at night I remember you. I remember the times we laughed and loved and lived free on the hood of your car. And now i remember what hurts the most was loosing you.My heart aches and my self confidnece is low. You left me and I died on the inside. Im not the same anymore. And its all because of her. That one girl who laughed a little louder. The one who smiled a little brighter. The one who talked a little sweeter, whose eyes shinded a little shinier, and the one who took you away from me.

She loves him more than he'll ever know
He loves her more than he'll ever show


it's not the goodbye that hurts

but the flashbacks that follow

This quote does not exist.
girl:your new girlfriend is pretty.
[i bet she stole your heart]
boy:yeah... she is
[but you're still the most beautiful girl i know]
girl:i heard she's funny & amazing.
[all the stuff i wasn't]
boy:she sure is.
[but she's nothing compared to you]
girl:i bet you know everything about her by now
[like how you knew just everything about me]
boy:only the stuff that count.
[i cant remember what she says when i think of you]
girl:well... i hope you guys last.
[cause we never did]
boy:i hope we do too.
[whatever happened to me & you?]
girl:well i got to go.
[before i start to cry.]
boy:yeah, me too.
[i hope you dont cry..]
[i still love you.]
[i never stopped.]

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Forget his name,
Forget his face,
Forget his kiss,
His warm embrace.
Forget his love that you once knew;
Remember he has someone new.
Forget him when they played your song,
Remember when you cried all night long,
Forget how close you once were,
Remember he has chosen her.
Forget how you memorized his walk,
Forget the way he used to talk,
Forget the things he used to say,
Remember he has gone away.
Forget his laugh,
Forget his grin,
Forget the dimples in his chin,
Forget the way he held you tight,
Remember he's with her tonight.
Forget the time that went so fast,
Forget the love that moved; it's past.
Forget he said, "I'll leave you never."
He's gone forever;


And Tonight..
She sits in the corner of her room.
Squeezing her pillow as tight as possible.
Tears streaming down her face as she stares
at the pictures taped to the wall. She screams
as loud as possible into that pillow, but no one can
even hear her. She gives up, turns her Ipod on and softly
plays over their lullaby as she sinks in to the floor crying and
says into her tears, "We were supposed to be together forever."

And Tonight..
He throws every memory he has
across the front lawn and screams
as loud as he ever has and falls into the
grass and starts to cry for the first time in years.
He pulls his Ipod out and blasts over their lullaby as
the tears come down uncontrollably. He grips onto the
grass with all his might and shakes, it used to be impossible
for him to feel this much pain, but now everything is different.
Then he says into the grass, "We were supposed to be together forever"

 I remember those nights like they were yesterday; 
 Just one little text, took those nights away.
It ruined the love, the hugs, the fun
That one little text that says 
"We're Done"