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He. Is. Mine 

Now back off b/tch.
Quagmire; you know, meg i'd really love to see you without your hat on *pulls hat off*
Meg; ... *green hand comes out and pulls hat back down*
Quagmire; ok.
im finally moving on, im so much happier now. i deleted the picture, i erased his contact, i crossed out his name in my notebook, i deleted the notes about him on my phone, i ripped up the letters, the notes. everything. i blocked him on facebook, which i don't think was the best desicion i have ever made but i'm happy i did it. the only thing thats gonna stop me is when i see him on monday, when i look into his eyes. everything is going to come rushing back like i didnt want to happen.

what do you get when you put a land shark with a landshark??


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confession 7; what do you get when you put a landshark, with a landshark? JESUS
confession 6; the first thing on my bucket list; Fall In Love. <3
confession 5; i cryed while watching a tribute to ryan dunn last night, i have seen it countless times and i could hold back the tears last night.

Rest In Peace Ryan Dunn 1977-2011 <3

confession numero cuatro; i'm writing my bucket list and its really, really long. like there is over 250 things on it, and one day i am going to do as many things on it i can before i turn 18, that means i have 5 years to do 250+ things.  
confession number 3; i have been cheated on, and its not a good feeling. i a hundred percent agree with the saying "once a cheater, always a cheater." i don't see what the point in cheating is, a relationship is not a game where you can cheat all you want and someones mad for one second, a relationship is a relationship and cheating breaks hearts. i will never ever cheat, and guys who cheat; Don't lose the girl of your life for your hoe of the night.