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GAMETIME ! leggggooo patriotss ;* <333
The only pale guy
named edward
That deserves love is,
Edward Scissorhands.♥

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13 days 'til forever alone day. whooop whooop [<3] !


screw it. fave for confessions ;P
i woke up with tears in my eyes, i knew i must have been dreaming about you again.


alright, so theres this kid... There is two sides to him; the sweet, caring, good guy side. and then theres the a-hole side. Of course i fell in love with the good guy in him and now i realize hes nothing but an a-hole. I sit here still in love with the amazing person i thought he was and he just isnt the guy i should be with, I'm kinda really in love with this kid but everyone tells me that they feel bad when he treats me like trash. im just so confused. sometimes i want to punch the kid so hard in his face and then 5 minutes later, im totally in love with him and would make out with him if i saw him. im not sure what i should do anymore because part of me cant let go of the good guy i fell in love with but then another part of me says get rid of him he is an a-hole. its like falling head over heels for someone that doesnt exist because he isnt who i thought he was... idk, i just dont know.

when you see your ex boyfriend working at market basket and hes the bag boy at the register your at and when he looks up and sees you and his face turns bright red...
so much awkwardness...


                     You are a beautiful person. You will never ever be forgotten...♥

jock and repost this if you will miss him♥

i wish i had the chance to talk to you but you were such an amazing person and you didnt deserve to die so soon. you didnt deserve to die like this either, we are all going to miss you, although some of us never had the chance to meet or talk to you. i am praying for your family.But, like they say only the good die young
Fly High Matthew ! <3

Rest In Peace, FramingMatthew
i need people to follow on tumblr... anyone want me to follow them or have any suggestions on who to follow?? (; <3
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