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Today, i was in Spanish class when my friend in a wheelchair rolls by and starts singing, "they see me rollin, they hatin." I couldn't stop laughing.
OMG Disney has changed so much! Who remembers Shake It Up and A.N.T. farm? Ugh!
Who else

Adds a qoute, then goes to the newest section just to see their qoute agan?

Just me? Thought so.

Remember when this was a number sign? 
Teacher: does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can keep this school safe and clean?

Me: By staying at home 
That Awkward Moment

when you realize the garbage goes out more than you

Ya i got a new years kiss

from my dad

Think about it
Just think
How much can be gone
In just a blink
26 lives can be clenched
In such short timing
To tell you the truth
There is no silver lining
Think about it
All those kids
Who will never come back
For that one special kiss
A man so selfish
Mad at his mum
To take them away
With the shot of a gun
Think about it
On Christmas day
Taking those wrapped presents
And throwing them away
For all those families
Who cry and cry
They never got a chance
To say goodbye
Think about it
Everyone matters
Heaven gained 26 angels
As all dreams shattered


Mom: You're in big trouble! Come down right now!!

Reaction when I was a kid: * runs down as fat as legs can carry me* nooooooooo mommy i love you don't do this to me!!!!!!!

Reaction now: cool story bro. *stays in room*

That Awkward Moment

       when your mom thinks spongebob is a cheese...