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Hi everyone!My name is Kendra, I live in Florida. The day  I actually blow out the candles is July 9th. I just so happen to be 15 I love to help people! If you ever need someone to listen/talk to im here. If you just wanna chat   with me then hit me up! 

Favorite bands: 
    Rise Against
    Mayday Parade          
Relationship Status:Single :D
    Metro Station
    Three days grace 
Yeah thats about all... 

What I like to do:
Meet New People
Be Myself

Quotes by iloveme97

You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything!
Healing stops when mourning stops
~ Robert Walker 
I'm sorry i broke you're heart. I'll never be the same without you and you know that. i'm just not ready. Please forgive me. I'm a horrible person...
He told me that he loves me more every day C':
Now I'm hoping just a little bit stronger
Hold me up just a little bit stronger
I'll be fine I swear
I'm just gone beyond repair

What would you say if I told you that all I thought aboutIs you since you've been gone?I wish someway, somehow I could turn this world right back aroundAnd mend mistakes I've made
So that I could say to you that
I know things aren't quite like what they used to beDifferent faces, different placesYeah we can try, oh yeah we can try

I cross my heart and hope to die
That i'll only stay with you one more
Mayday Parade <3
Promise me to think of us as a time so beautiful.
Its a mystery of why i can't stop thinking of you <3