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HEY! My names Trista, I'm 15 and a sophomore in highschool I live in Chicago!! I love books,art, music and food!! I'm a varsity Cheerleader!!I love Photography,behind the lense is one of the very few places where I feel happy I LOVE the ocean and, the beach wish I lived by it but I dont :( My favorite season is Autumn (Fall)I LOVE ONE DIRECTION they are pure Perfection!!My favorite is Niall! I dont mean to pick favorites, but its like parents, they always have a favorirte child, no matter what they claim. Almost all of my free time is spent Reading. My all time favorite book is THE FAULT IN OUR STARS asdfghjkl and i also love the Percy  Jakson, Divergent, Mortal instruments, and Harry Potter series with a burning passion! I act like the fictional Characters  in my books are real ALL the time I LOVE OWLS!! My worst subject is English I love music <3My favotite place in the E ntier World is Camp Wakeshma its the only place where I'm truely happy And, if you ever  need anyone to just be there for you or just to listen to I'm here for you!! <3



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the  problem is  that world  has  taught us  that  we  need  to be  perfect in order  to be loved.

Life can get better trust me I never thought I would stop cutting long enough for my scars to even heal, but now you can bearly see them. I never thought I would eat at every meal, but now I do. I never thought I could feel genuinely happy, but now I can. Don't doubt yourself you can get through this.
Scars on my hips
Scars on my thighs
Eyes full of hurt
 and a mouth full of lies
          I write about what I feel              
             //////////////but the thing is, that    

                                                           I havent been feeling much of anything.                              

Because I know how it hurts when nobody puts you first
When your always second best its like a weight restraining your breath
Its like your constantly screaming out, yet no body can hear
And that alone confirms your biggest fear.
Your unloved. Unwanted That nobody cares.
But I guess lifes just not fair.


And Maybe I do deserve
All of this... Maybe I do deserve the scars that cover my wrists.


Only God knows...         

 HOW LONG IT'S BEEN since I've been truly


The hardest thing for me

is when I come to the realization that i have become someone who doesn't want to be saved.

The two possible emotions to
show on the internet:

Caps, and non-caps

Fake smile.
Long sleeves

Never letting them see,                 that the "Unbreakable" girl 
is as broken and scarred

     as can be..


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