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Quotes by ilovenickjonas__x3

justin bieber<3
  i want the money, the money annd
cars the cars and the clothes, the showws!
          i suppossed i just wanna be i just wanna be
successful <3
do you catch a [breath] when i look at you
are you
holding back like the way i do
cause im trying and trying to
*|walk away|*
but i know this crush
---> aint going away
i never want summer
come to an end <3
he kissed my lips
||i taste your mouth||he pulled me in||
-->i was disgusted with myself<--
&& trusts  n o   o n e
She's the perfect example of betrayal.
Cause everyone that's she's ever trusted
b r o k e       h e r
No one else
will ever have my heart. no matter what you
do to it, it will always be yours. </3
standing out in the rain
knowing that its reallyy over; please don't leave me alone.
       i'm flooded with all this pain; knowing that i'll 
                                         never hold ya
                             like i did before the storm
&& this timi know
this time i know not to put my heart out there.
what happened last time was something
i never wanted to see happen: / i broke
yyes you broke me. i spent days and
days cryingover you and trying to think of what
i did wrong. but sitting here right now i realize something.
i did not cause this. it was you and yur ability to capture hearts
and break them without a care. but reguardless, my walls back up^
&i dont know when i c an ever put it   [    d   o  w   n     a   g   a   i    n    ]