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Quotes by ilovepatrickforever1955

Repost if you love your dad.

if you dont he'll die in 12 days.

i usually dont do this but i cant take a chance.
favorite this quote if you think vinny should come back to jersey shore
love jackie clark always and forever i miss him so much

that awkward moment when you forget what underwares you are wearing 

sitting behind a realy cute boy in miss smiths class and saying to your self can you just turn around and lokk at mr=e one more time he is always talking to that one girl you absoulut;y hate 

who are you to judge the life i live?im not perfect and i dont live to be 
but before you start pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean 

                                                            jacqueline michael clark 
      always and forever so dont jude me for who i am or what i am
 if you read thos please comment i want this to be on top quotes 

               that akward moment... 
when you are at a resturant and a hot boy
is watching you eat like you havent aten in like a week and you have it on your face and all over your hands  

i wont runaway from this baby i just 
need your kiss you love your love is
all i feel and tell me you feel to cause are love are love is o so real

love is only a word untill someone comes along and gives it a meaning<3<3<3:)