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ahhhh my name is michelle and i totally love my friendzs xOo (youu know youu are jealousz of usss)UKWUR* =] also i love to play basketball YAY and ummm yeah,and my camp is totally gonna be like REALLLLLY sickkkkk this yearrrrr!! YAY ONLY 40 DAYZS -> :-O !! well yeah I LOVE U MORE THAN U KNOW X3

Quotes by iloveumorethanuknow

how could this happen to me? i've made my mistakes'
got no where to run as the night goes on i am --»
fading away * i am sick of this life /// i just wanna'.
s . c . r . e . a . m -- how could this happpen to ME??!
sometimes i feel like crying --» laying`
down & dying.thats when i need u x3
sometimes i get emotional.sometimes i
do stupid things-»sometimes i say what
i should just keep inside * sometimes
im sad about everything .sometimes im'
mad and break some thingss <//3
if you're from africa
then how r u whtite ?
-Karen.Mean Girls
some people want it all .*.
but i don't want n.o.t.h.i.n.g
at all -> if it ain't you baby
some people want diamond*rings
some just want everything </3
but everything means nothing!
(¯`×.if i ain't got you.×´¯)
--» roses are red
violets are blue«--
most poems ryhme *'
but this one doesn`t
movie on friday night-$40
dinner on saturday-$60
hanging with friends any day of the week-priceless
i love my girls so much UKWUR </33
all the things left ->
leave me waiting & left
to wonder [i need you]
rose are red
violets are blue
i love youu </3
but do u love me too?
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 jjjjjj       eeeeeeee      sssssssss  sssssssss

** i know the s's look a little messed up but w/e