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Quotes by ilovevolleyball

Iwas that one girl
that thought i would be forever alone

but now i've gotton so far, and i never thought that i would ever be in this position in my life,
but now,
i have to choose between two guys.


Will my 11:11 wish come true? 
Am I the only one

Who goes on my Profile just to see what other people would see if they looked at it?
Whenever i see quotes about people thanking everyone for their 1000 followers,
I just want to ask them how they do it.
i have 31 followers

I feel like a boss
When i type fast

To Get Respect
You must give it
Yelling someones name in diffrent voices 
Untill they hear you
Maybe People Dont Change
Maybe we just never knew who they were

Be Unique
Be Original
Be You

He said he liked me.
He flirted with me.
He looked at me with those eyes like i ment something.
He made me fall for him.
He called me beautiful.
He called me babe.
He stole my heart.      
So why did he ask her out?