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hiiii myy name is kelsey!

im kina into makin quotessssss
but i mostlyyy use
other peoples and give emmmm
credit unlessss its myneee! ;B

Quotes by iloveyewxx

My friends bring out the;
in Me <3

= x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x =


sometimes all you have to do is [ wait ]

= x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x =

every day  seems to
get  more and more

favor ifffff yew agree!
we have five fingerfoa reason.
our thumbs are to let everyone know that we are okay.
our pointer fingerare to point at something that we want everyone to notice.
our middle fingers are for that one girl no one likes.
our ring finger is for that special guy.
&+ and
our pinky finger is to promise that we'll keep all those promises to
the ones we care most about

credit to melanieeex06
loooooooooveeeeeeeee thiis quoteee!!!
Kelsey *

thank youu monkey19!!!!!!
Then the paint came off,
and her heart shattered. her wall set on fire.
her house burning to
nothing. But the fire man
came and made it all go away. she really liked
the fireman.

Monkey19GOODD jobbbb!!!!!!
Listen to your heart
thats all you can do *

Michael Jackson):
He sure was a thriller <|3