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Sam, average, 13, boyfriend, some may say scene. whatever.
I don't judge. I have no room to. I can be your best friend, or I can be a total bitchh. That's up to you.
Jordann; My boyfriend. Nuff' said<3

Dylaan; boyfriend's best friend. my best guy friendd.<3
This bee my story.
My name's Sam.
I'm 13, I've been rejected by modeling agencies for being 'overweight' and 'not pretty enough'.
Basically, they were saying I'm fat and ugly.
Yeah, I knew that. Obviously. But my boyfriend thought I could try.
My mom hates me, she openly admits it during dinner and while the family's watching tv. She smokes, cancer's gonna get her soon, I can tell. She doesn't care though. Thanks, mom.
My dad's got an abusive side. Not bad, he just likes to throw things. Other than that, I love my dad more than anything.
I have one friend, basically. Dylan. Jordan doesn't count, he's more than a friend<3. Everybody else hates me, because of rumors. Or because I'm ugly and fat. Whatever. I don't need them anyway.
Yeah, sadly, I've tried to kill myself like, 3 times. Nobody really cares though.
I finally stopped cutting after 3 years. Awesome(:
So here I am, Just trying to fit in, be like everybody else.
I hope that's okay with you guys.
Love, Sam.
Music. Music is my life.
I listen to anything from rock to screamo to country.
And if you don't like that, well, I don't really care.
No two people ar the same.
We were born to stand out.<3

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goaliegal97 1 decade ago
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HI!(: Ok, you are absolutely ADORABLE.
I looooove your hair SO much. and I want it (x You seem like a really cool person, and to me it looks like you live in PA? I always go there because my cousins live there! we should talk sometime:)

sayyxxjayyxox33 1 decade ago
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thankss yahh:) so where yo ufrom in pa?
summer_sage 1 decade ago
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awesomeness! im glad that you told me about your new one :) ill for sure follow and all that good stuff. miss you love
sayyxxjayyxox33 1 decade ago
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heyy i like your layout:) im from pa too btw