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Sometimes we are jsut going to have to accept that
people are going to stay in our hearts even when they
dont stay in our lives



 Never let people get to you.

they can only pull the trigger if you hand
them the gun.


 Tuesday September
11th, 2001 at 8:46 in
the morning

a terrible event happened, someone attacked the twin towers in the USA. we lost so many lives, family and friends will always be remembered please take a moment to favorite this and think of how lucky we are! pray for the families who lost someone and never forget ♥


smile,so the tears wont fall
laugh, like it doesn't hurt at all
fake it, so he will never know that you still
haven't let him go

always  reach  for  the  moon 
 even  if  you  miss  you  will  land  amoung
the  stars

format by sandrasaurus

sometimes you need to hold on

sometimes you need to let go

sometimes its harder to decide which to do.



would have been 
1 year
(one of those depressing days)

Damn, i miss you

i cant get you off my 



i miss you..
no one understands the way i feel about you, they tell me to get over you i cant .. they don't know you like i know you and they wont ever have the relationship we had.. i cant take this pain and it wont go away .. i put a smile on my face every morning so people think i've moved on while inside i am dying.. i try not to talk about you but your always on my mind and somehow i have to let some of it out.. i miss you.. i would do anything to have you in my arms again.. and to kiss you.. or even just be with you.. honestly anything.