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Hello fellow wittians. I'm Jessica. Im bisexual & im in love with a girl. I have been through anything you could imagine and im only 14 years old. Im really good at giving advice and helping other people out. I love listening to people's problems, its just a thing that makes me feel good about myself. 
I only have one person that gets me through everything & her name is Alex. <3
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If you wanna talk or need to vent, drop a comment on my profile & i'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. 
Love you girls. <3

Quotes by iloveyou610

I just dont know what to say anymore..

Her: You make me smile like the sun fall out of bed sing like a bird dizzy in my head crazy like a sunday night. <3

Me: <3 (':

Her: I love you.

Me: I love you too..

Her: Just the thought of you can drive me wild.. 



Hey you, about to make your 11:11 wish

on someone? screw them. make your

wish one something thats actually worth

it, like the pony you never got. 



So ive realized that i give really good break up advice. 

Is it bad that i don't like

One Direction?


Im sorry that im in love. 
Im sorry i keep going back.
Im sorry that im not perfect.
Im sorry that your disapointed. 

Her: will you marry me?

Me: hehe yeah

Her: yayyyyayy, name a date & place<3

Me: You pick (:0

Her: Place: in my arm. Date: your birthday<3

Me: Omg.. I love you.

Me & my girl friend's conversation.. <333333

I thought you actually cared, silly me.

Yay. I waited 5 months for you.. 
Now, all we do is fight.. 
Over who loves who more. 

I want a witty best friend,

that lives in new york <3