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My name is Jessica :D I LOVE animals, I have currently 5 dogs.. I love all music really..
I love taylor swift <3, paramore, nicki minaj, eminem, drake, green day, my chemical romance, never shout never,
Nirvana, Bruno Mars, Adele, Simple plan, BVB's, Asking Alexandria, Bullet for my valentine, Wiz Khalifa, Areosmith, Jazz, Demi Lavato, and so many more..
Love tv, like anime is an addiction atm, I LOVE cartoons, especially from the 90's <3, Family guy and etc is another addiction. Most comedies ig, lmao. I'm SO easy to get along with, I'm very sweet, I don't judge, Don't bully (100% against it), I am easy to talk to, you can tell me your problems if you ever need to. I'm always avaliable to listen. You can trust me, I keep secrets.. I've been broken before and have nowhere near the perfect life.. I may look stuck up, but I'm the furthest thing from it.
I made a witty to get away from all these people, where all they care about on like facebook and youtube and such, is hating, complaining, and likes.. I like to make friends without being judged, without have to worry about people being fake, and etc. I'm not much for relationships, for crushing, for anything like that.. I like being free..
I'm from Milwaukee Wisconsin, and My "partying" is me watching cartoons with icecream and my dog.. -___-
I have one younger sister, my parents are together, but a pretty disfunctional household, honestly.. I live in a small house, and my parent's have had it for going on 18 years now..
I go to a small highschool, generally.. I like people for the most part, but I'm not all that good in super big spaces, growing up in small schools and a small house in all.. I don't like waking up early.. -___-, so yeah -shrugs shoulders- I'm typically late a lot, but I like my sleep. ;3
I have ADHD, but I can be pretty shy, so Comment, or message me, or w.e on here.. I don't bite and I'm pretty cool :)

Quotes by iloveyouflawsandall

When life gives you lemons,
Squirt your enemy in the eye.         >:)
Grandma please,
stop playing with the printer..

I'm so tired of being a


Such high


I can't fill!

R u m o r s . .

Well,at least you're

spreading s

besides your legs.


Once they stop talking to you, they start talking about you.
Whatever they say, 
defines them, not you.  

Let your smile change the world...don't let the world chance your smile.


I don't have time to hate people who hate me. I'm too buisy loving those who love me.

I love you as much as you love if you hate me it works out perfectly.-Drake (;



O.O I haven't been on here in forever... o':
No one can ever´╗┐ truly be a freak. they can only be accused of being a freak by people who are different from them..

When you're in a store and someone mistakes you for a worker