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Quotes by iloveyousomuchmore

like violence you have me
 forever and after
l   i   ke v   i  o  lence    you k   i  l  l  me
forever and after.


Baby, we can get love drunk together.
 Tell the bartender two shots of forever. 


 I hate it when I'm really tired and sleepy, but then I get into bed & my body's like

 One of the hardest things in life 
is letting go of something you thought was real.


Girls always cry,
guys will never admit they did.

Do I  go lef t where not hing is r ig ht
Or Do I go r ig ht where not hing is lef t?    

My problem is I can't stay mad.
I always end up forgiving people,

 even when they don't deserve it. 
-Wiz Khalifa.

and i still feel lonely

 in a room full of people.