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"im the kind of girl that needs to feel like everything happens for a reason"

that one person that  can make you smile like no one else has before, make you laugh and feel comfortable to be your self around that one person that you get excited to see everyday but yet on the other hand that same person can hurt you more then anybody else can

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I received some wisdom from a seven year old who's brother had leukemia.

He told me that his brother was going home to be with God because there are some people who are so amazing that God can't bear to be away from them for too long.

This was why God was bringing his brother home early This

& thats the way

that I loved you...
& nobody could ever say i didn't try....<3
  How do you... 

forget someone.
that gave you so much to remember?
All that i know is i don't know how to be something you miss ...

Last kiss Taylor Swift <3
My mind forgets to remind me your a bad idea... <3
when you were born ; everyone around you was smiling & you were crying. 
       live your life so that when you dieyou're smiling and everyone around you is crying. <3


not mine credit to whoever made this <3
for a few minutes, you made me feel like i actually meant something to somebody. </3
I woke up this morning to Dora the explorer. She was screaming "HONK, HONK,HONK." When I opened my eyes she said,"Great job, we woke up the sleeping whale!" I couldnt help but be offened by her harsh comment.

not mine saw it on MLIA but i loved it <3
the times that we had, I’ll keep like a photograph. And hold you in my heart forever, I'll always remember you. <3