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Quotes by iluvnsn



Name: Ashley
Age: Almost 15
Birthday: July 12th
Current Location: New York
Current Mood: Sad/ Depressed


Flower: White Roses
Color: Black
Store: Hot Topic

Animal: Dolphins
Drink: Dr. Pepper

This That or Both:

Summer or Winter: Summer
Shoes or Purse: shoes
Jeans or Skirt: Jeans

Rich or Famous: Rich
Diamonds or Pearls: Diamonds
Yoga or Sports: Sports
Ocean or Pool: Ocean
Pink or Blue: Blue
White or Black: Black
Real tan or Tanning beds: Real Tan
Preppy or Gothic: Gothic
Eyeliner or Mascara: Eyeliner
Lip gloss or Lipstick: Lipstick


Taken or Single: Single
Relationships or Flings: Relationships
What's more important looks or personality: Personality
Longest relationship: 4 months
Shortest relationship: A week
Crush: This guy..
Does he know you like him: I think so
Do you believe in soul mates: Yeahh
Do you like romantic guys: Yess
Flowers or candy? Candy
Have you been in love: I thought so..
Did it work out: Lol no.
Has any guy ever cheated on you: Yupp
Have you ever cheated: Noppe


Who's your best friend: Angela
Do you tell him/her everything: Kinda
Is this person number 1 on your friends list: I guess
Would you do anything for him/her: Yup
Can you be yourself in front of your girls: Yess
Do you spend lots of time shopping with them: Mhhm
Is it better to have lots of buddies or one or two best friends: 1 or 2 best friends

She shows no mercy when it comes to how she treats herself. 


You were my escape to everything
going on, now you're just an addition to it all.

I just wanted someone to love me, and I thought you were that person.
Looks like I was wrong.

I want another person to notice me,
To say that I matter,
To say that they care about me.

Don't hold your breathe, I'm not losing sleep over you anymore.

I wish that just once, I could be pretty.

I'm sorry that I'm extremely stubborn, 
I'm sorry that I over think things,
I'm sorry that I have an attitde,
I'm sorry that I'm not perfect,
I'm sorry that I'm just not good enough,
But please don't go.
Every second..
Every minute..
Every hour..
Every day..
It never ends
You're gone so tell me, who do I go to now?