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Hii, my name is kristen , i blow ou tmy candles on Augusy 9th, iim 13 years old, a cheerleader, hopeless with boys, okay with instruments, pretty good at school and if anyone ever wants to vent ill listen<3 if you have othere questions just ask me
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i'm re-reading my quotes and falling in love with a total loser all over again. 


all my quote:) 
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I haven't been on Witty in months,

and i'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing... all these girls(and some guys) on witty really helped me feel better about myself and find the 5 most amazing guys ever who have lead me to the best fanbase ever. I probably won't go on Witty nearly as much anymore but I just want to thank everybody on here for helping me get through a bad time in my life. I love you all<33 

 I love how my mom
 is a Directioner<3.

should I do a series?  

I understand this quote isn't pretty, but i need help. I need to make approximetly $500 in like 2 days. Any ideas. PLEASE HELP!? thanks(:

Tell me i'm a screwed up mess

That i'll never listen

Tell me you don't want my kiss

That you need your distance




Close the door

Throw the key

Don't wanna be reminded

Don't wanna be seen

Don't wanna be with out you

My judgements clouded like the night sky. 




Take you and make you mine


whatever it takes is fine


it hurts me to think that you've ever cried.




Guess I like the way you smile with your eyes

Other guys see it but they don't realize that it's my lovin'

Something bout your laugh makes me wanna have to

There's nothing funny so we're laughing at at nothing. 




Now I'm climbing the walls

But you don't notice at all

That I'm going out of my mind

All day and all night.




If i'm louder, would you hear me?

would you lay down in my arms and rescue me?

cuz we are the same,

you save me when you leave i't's gone again.