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My name is payton, i'm 12 years young, i live in new jersey, and if you didn't know thats in the united states.i love life... rightnow, i have insomnia and i blow out the candles on march, 2, 1996. i sing, i watch movies,i cry, i vent,i can get annoying, but most of all, i love him. i have many friends that took me a while to trust, so i have trust issues. i have a lot of issues. i can be your best friend or i could be your worst enemy, you choose. i love witty and i love you! talk to me, ipromise you i won't bite! leave a NICE comment, i don't need haters on here too. see, i suffer from bullying and it sucks. i try my best to vent to my friends so i don't keep it bottled up inside, that never makes me feel better. on top of going through on that, i have a crush on a guy who will never go out with me, i mean look at me. self confidence isn't my favorite thing. i have more than some girls but in a way, it depends on my day. my best friend/ partner in crime is starocks21 (allison coyle) and i love her to death. go check her out. follow me? i want to reach 300! as you can see, i'm not that close!


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you deserve tfhe best, screw the rest.
one day my life will finally fall into place and all of the people who were mean to me, will want to be me.
& it breaks me apart e v e r y d a y .

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Ionday me & yoenup in love,

i hope it will be true because i don't want to be the only one to mean it when i say, i love you.♥



If it was up to the world,
if I were dead or alive... I would probally be dead.


  fake people do fake things.



  was it ever werth it?
you know. . .  loving me?