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my birthday is tomorrow but my boyfriend is giving me my gifts today. he told all my friends what he got me and like what hes gonna do. they said im going to have the urge to attack him lke a squirrel monkey. yaayayayay. i cant waiitt<333333333333333333333333333333

in just 2 months and 25 days, me and my boyfriend have been thru soooo mucch togetehr but we made it throuugh. i gave him another chance and i am so happy. i fucckiiinng lovee himm.

i loveee itt!<3
when we
-hold hands
-haas his arm around my waist
-shows me off to his friends
-calls me baby
-kisses me on the forehead
-poke / tickle me
-lets me hang out with all his friends
-kisses me on the cheek
-hugs me from behind
-when he's not supposed to  be on the phone, calls me just to hear my voice and risk getting grounded
OMFGGG I LOVEE HIMM!<3333333333333333333333333

i smile because
i know what its like to hurt(:

and right now,
i'm not upset

&+ AND
im not happy
nothing's wrong
but  at the same time,
nothings. right.</3

anyone understand?

Here I go again,
forcing laughs,
faking smiles,
hiding the pain,
wondering if this pain will be worth while

Mineee. but not the format .



Just Because I am
over you,

doesnt mean that there arent days when it all just comes

r u s h i n g  b a c k <3



how did you get here under my skin
swore that I'd never let you back in</3

not my format

single gurrl swaag
ayyye! [;.

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