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going to the shore in 2 weeks :D

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yes i'm weird:)since you're reading this you might as well keep going. i love soccer but im not good at it. i've seen four broadway shows; west side story, american idiot, the little mermaid, and next to normal. i love singing, but again, not good at it. im always writing new quotes cuz i can't go a day without witty!! im not giving out my aim because i'm not desparate. comment, favorite!

Quotes by im_a_gleeky_ninja

i used to love witty.

for some reason...i dont anymore.
i can't relate to any of the quotes anymore.

and what ever happened to///

P.B. & &J. Otter

Rolly Polly Oly<3
Powerpuff Girls

Stanley! (theeee great big book of everything!)

The REAL winnie the pooh, not some dumb computerized thing.

ohh the memories!

i know this sounds desparate,
but sometimes, i have those moments///
where i get the feeling that i'm so lonely. i feel the need to be hugged or loved by somebody. i just want to have someone to be by my side at all times.

am i the only one?

would your rather!!
my first is sorta lame haha! foods(:
pick your favorite!
[♥] favorite) if you like mac&&cheese better,
☐ (comment) if you like pizza better


Where's your book? home.
Ohh, what a great place for it.
lol fave if it ever happened to u
what was in your lucky charms this morning??
The Spongebob
F. U. N.
Song is really dirty if you think about it....


The Spongebob

Song is really perverted if you think about it....

F. U. N.

[♥] if you just sang it in your head and smiled(:
when i was your age, jodie benson was ariel.
not barbie!