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This is im_that_girl_xoxo12

just a little bit about me --->
i love making quotes on this site
this is one of my favorite things
my quotes are 100% original, if not i give credit
so i would appreciate if everyone else did the same
thanks for reading (:

--- you might have chemistry with her, but you have history with me. 
* idk where it's fromm (:



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i fall for people too easily, && i just get hurt.
i break things, && i [ try ] to fix them,
but when it doesn't work, i don't give up.
cause giving up means 



I'm not quite sure
what it is, but i feel different
i don't really smile as much as i used to; i miss way too many things
i always want to go back to the old days. i'm quiet
very quiet. i walk into a room upset, & i don't even know [ why ]
i can't trust anyone. even my best friend. 
i feel completely insecure, i feel like whatever i do is being watched.
i feel like if i do something wrong everyone will find out
so i just sit there, quiet...very quiet.
people ask me what's wrong. i'd love to give them an answer
i really would, i love to vent... well i used to. 
but honestly, i don't know what's wrong. i just know

I'm not happy.
it's like reading a book
but not understanding a word
it's like running a race
but coming in third
when your on the phone
but the call was lost
like paying more 
then the actual cost
as the days get shorter
my patience does too
so i'll say [ goodbye ] to that picture
of me &+ you
 i Don't Know What to Do
- - - - > i don't even know what to feel
i feel like screaming at the top of my lungs
 * but then crying myself to sleep *
i feel like not talking to anyone for days
but then going out with the girls to 
[[ cheer myself up ]]
cause i just don't understand how something
that lasted seven months could all break down

in just one simple second.
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W H A T ' S   T H A T   F E  E L I N G ?
is   it the emptiness   in her  stomach,
not eating for days, practically starving

yourself counting  pounds   & barly  eating
o - - - r              n - - - o
maybe   it's   the   shattering  peices  of  her
b  /  r  /   o   /  /   k   / e     /n
heart - finally - coming -  down -  on  -   her
everyday the pain get's worse. in her stomach, heart, && eyes
 i see it happening to her.   what happened   to that little   girl ?

T  E   E  N   A  G  E       Y   E   A   R  S
okayy...[( first name. middle name. last name. )] loves [( first name. middle name. last niame. )]  so much its not evenn funny. sometimes [( namee. )] wakes up in he middle of the night and starts crying because she misses her so much. same withh [( namee. )] now whatt do you call that ?!
Challenge Yourself
eat soup with
----> a fork.
It's amazing
how much you can miss a person  
that's sitting right next to you  
♥        ♥        ♥         ♥