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baby all i want for christmas is youuuuuuuuuu :)

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Quotes by im_yours

all i want is to
hear your laugh. see your smile.
hold         your        hand.      hear
you call me babe. look into your
eyes when you say you love me.
me when your with your friends
get your
good-morning& maybe
even good-night texts everyday.
know i can  ALWAYS  count on
you. meet your parents and you
meet mine.    dance in the street.
<3   kiss --- in --- the --- rain.    <3
cuddle  at the movies.  for you to
tell  me  you m i s s me  right after
i leave. be the "annoying" couple
that is too cute.   get you
when  i just talk to another  guy.
be      your      one       &       only.
make you smile   when my name
<pops - up - on - your - phone.>
a l w a y s  see you wearing that
:::     braclet i made for you     :::

thats all i want

& when i first met you,
i never would have imagined that
i would have such 
strong  feelings
for you.   i never you have thought
that i would have
you or m i s s being by your side or
get b u t t e r f l i e s in my
s t o m a c h
when someone m e n t i o n s your

name................when i first met you
i never  would have  thought that
i   woul  lov  you.

 just  remember  who  saw  you  when  you  were

.Taylor Swift.
.the one who understands you when know else does.

<3 if you love taylor swift
i  didn't  punch  you...
-fist  bumped  your  face.

i woke up and realized
that     no      one     wakes     up     and     realizes     anything.
its  thos deep  thought  yo hav laying  i bed  at  night.
i fought to be on top.
i kept fighting thinking it would make me
happy.   i got there.   then i realized i lost
///everything      on      the      way      up.
i  crawled back down to true happiness.
i know he's a player
x   B U T  x  I  x  T H O U G H T  x  T H A T  x  M A Y B E  x
i could be the girl to make him hang up his jersey and


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