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Quotes by imabeyourlover

Torn Between Two-38

I sat there in the hospital with Kyle, not bothering to go to school today. Two weeks have flew by fast, and a lot has changed with Kyle. He lost his memory, he can't really walk properly, he forgets a's just devastating to see him like this. I wish I haven't gone to that party. None of this would have ever happened. Me and Kyle could just be together and we can both be happy. Life fuckingg sucks. It was around noon and Kyle was asleep. He sometimes mumbles my name while he dreams. It's quite adorable. I held his hand, and just watched him sleep peacefully. I heard a soft knock and it surprised me a little. I told whoever was at the door to come in.
"Hey okay?" It was Derek. No one ever used that named except for mom.
"Why did you call me that?" I asked. 
"You're miserable, Kath. I'm trying to cheer you up. Dad told me that your Mom use to call you that. If your mom was here, she would tell you that this is life. You need to keep your head up high." Derek said, looking straight into my eyes.
"I guess so..." I said. Mom would tell me that. She would tell me everything is fine.Damn, do I miss her. 
"Did you eat yet?" Derek asked. I really haven't eaten ever since Kyle was at the hospital. I stared at my stomach.
"No." I said, Derek just looked at me. 
"Kath, you're going have to eat. Kyle's parents are outside, they'll watch over him while you eat." Derek whispered. I just stared at him. You can tell Derek really does care for me.
"Alright, go get his parents, I'll go eat." I said softly, looking at Kyle. He left the room, and his parents came in shortly. I left with Derek to go to the cafeteria. 
"I hate my life." I said while we were waiting in line to get something to eat. 
"Don't say that Kath. You've faced death before. It's life." He said while grabbing whatever the hell there is on the table. I followed him when we reached our table.
" I know, it's just hard to lose someone you love...this will be the second time that it happened. Derek...It's really hard for me." I said playing with my food.
"Just eat your food Kath. Just focus on that for now." I did as he said. It took me a while to finish my food. When we finished eating I headed outside for some air and I saw Kristen and Drake. They came rushing to me when they saw me. I tried to smile at them. 
"Kath! How are yah?" Kristen said smiling. Drake was smiling too. 
"Okay...I guess." I lied. 
"Liar." Drake said. He knew me so well. 
"Lets go inside." I said, I just want to see Kyle. Both of them agreed and we went to Kyle's room. When we got there no one was in the room. I started to panic. Drake and Kris were behind me and they saw the look on my face.
" Kath calm down." Drake said, trying to let me sit. I couldn't respond to him.
"We'll go find a nurse okay?" Kristen said. I followed her. When we asked one of the nurses they said that something happened to Kyle and they didn't know what. All she knew was that the doctors are on it. When I heard that Derek came into my view and he saw my face and he gave me a big hug. We all know what is going to happen.

-Hay readers! I am sososososososo sorry I haven't wrote in a LONNNNNNNNG time. It's just school and crap. Since school is coming to an end I will write more much much much more! I also have a surprise for you guys too! I won't say what yet, but you guys will be happy! I love my readers so much! xoxo.

 Torn Between Two-36

I looked at his face, and our eyes met. A huge smile was on my face.
"Kyle...." I said walking to him, i had tears in my eyes. He was standing up smiling right at me. We hugged for a long time. I didn't want him to let go.
"Hi baby." He said with a crooked smile. That just blew me away, I stood on my tippy toes and kissed him. I pulled back, and smile.
"Wait...SHOULDNT YOU BE LIKE IN A ROOM AND IN A CAST ?!" I yelled. The nurses were looking at us wierdly.
"Hush....I didn't get hurt as much as Jason. I only needed a cast on my arm. My legs are fine, but Jason...yeah. And I wanted to walk around, my legs were falling asleep. So yeah..." He said. 
" But...what living only for two-"
"Uhm....yeah....about that....the doctors said that I probably only have two weeks to live...and.....yeah." He said looking at me. I had tears in my eyes. Dear god, please let there be a miracle. Kyle hugged me for a long time. Then he had to go back to his room, and I followed him. 
"Kath, I don't think you should be in that room with me..." He said.
"Why?" I asked.
"I don't want to see you cry. It kills me inside when you do." He said quietly, and held my hand.
"Too fuucking bad. Kyle, I have been stressing so much. I'm scared. And this could be the last time we see each other. I want to be with you. And I don't give a fuckk if you don't let me go into your room. I'm going anyways." I said looking at him. He just smiled.
"Fine, but if you do cry....i'll cry too." He said kissing my forehead. I just looked at him, and he leaded me into the room. He went on top of the hospital bed and I brought a chair and put it right next to him.
" You're going to have to go soon." He said, grabbing for my hand.
" I know, and I don't want to leave you." I said, looking at our hands.
"Kath?" Kyle asked.
"I love you." He said, with his half smile. God, I love it whenever he smiles like that. I smiled back.
"I love you too." I said, and kissed him.
   Me and Kyle talked and talked for hours. Kristen and Drake came to the room sometimes. I didn't want to leave Kyle, I just wanted to stay beside him. It was almost eleven at night and Kristen told me that we had to go. I looked at Kyle, and he looked at me.
"I'll be fine Kath, you should really go." He said.
"Alright." I said, and gave him one last kiss. I left the hospital in tears. In the car drive home, Drake tried calming me down, he kind of did. I got home around midnight, and dad was in the living room watching tv. 
"Sweetie, how did it go?" Dad asked, and gave me a hug.
"Kyle, is fine." I said, and looked at him.
"That's good, sweetheart. You should get to bed. It's really late." Dad said.
"Yeah, good idea. night daddy." I said, yawning. He gave me a kiss on my cheek and I went upstairs and fell right asleep.

  Torn Between Two-33

Dad hugged me while the doctor was talking to us. 
", one of the boys aren't going to make it..." The doctor said looking down. I fell down on the ground crying, and then Jason and Kyle's parents came in.
"Katherine! What's the matter?!" One of the parents moms said.
"Uh...Can see all of you except for the Klitch's to come outside? I...I have some news." The doctor said and left the room, the parents followed him. Dad helped me up from the ground and let me sit in the chair. I bawled my eyes out even more. I looked up and through the window of the room, I saw Kyle's parents crying. I wiped away my tears, and got up the chair. My dad left the room and Kyle's parents came in.
"Katherine...." Kyle's mom called me. I went right in front of her and hugged her, we were both crying. Jason woked up and so did Kyle. They heard us crying really loudly. 
"Oh my god, Kyle, Drake. You're awake!" I left Kyle's mom and went to them.
"Yeah...ow..." Kyle said smiling at me, he was trying to get up, but I pushed him down. 
"No no no no, Kyle, you c-c-can't m-move..." I said crying. Jason was looking at me and tried to calm me down with his voice. 
"W-What's going on?" Jason asked. I couldn't stop crying, I had to get out of this room. I got up and ran outside, my dad caught me when I ran. 
"Sweetheart, just sit down, this will all be fine." My dad said, setting me down on a chair. He sat right next to me and started to soothe me. 
      A few hours have passed and I stopped crying. Kyle and Jason's parents went out of the room and told me that I could go in. I went in and there was a nurse there giving the boys their food. 
"Hey." I said, smiling.
"KATH!" both boys shouted at the same time. They seemed happy, it's good to know that they're happy.  I was glad that i was able to see them, but I was also heart broken inside.
"Hey guys." I said faking a smile, " It's good to know that you two are alright."
"Yeah..." both boys said. I just looked down, I didn't know what to say.
"Kath..?"Kyle called me," sit right here." Kyle patted a spot on his bed. I went there and sat right next to him, and I saw tears in his eyes.
"I...I know that I won't be here for that long. Th-The doctor said that my brain isn't going to working right for 1 week. And that's all I got. One week. One week left of my life. One week. I'm going to be paralyzed in the next  week. And Kath, i'm so sorry you had to face this. You had to face this pain. And the doctor can't do anything about this....I heard you cry, and when the doctor told me i'm only gonna live for only another week, i couldn't stand it. I didn't want to see you hurt.. But I want you to know that I will always love you. " Kyle ended up crying at the end, and so did I. Jason tried to calm us down, but he couldn't. 

  Torn Between Two-32

 I looked back and all I saw was Kyle pushing me, then Jason pushing Kyle, and I fell on the ground. Everything happened so quickly, I had no idea what was going on. I heard both boys scream and looked up, OHDEARFUCKINGGOD! Both of the boys got hit by the car and flew 30 feet up and landed on the ground hard. The person in the car got out, and they were obviously drunk. Tears were pouring out of my eyes and I called 911. I went to Jason and Kyle and they were all bloody, oh my god... I started yelling for help, but no one could hear me, all I heard was the echos. Then finally the ambulance came rushing down the road. The cops got out of the car and pulled me up gently. The paramedics checked both of the boys while the cop was talking to me.
"Now, missy, how the hell did this happen?" The cop asked.
"We-We were crossing the road, and there w-were no cars, and so we crossed, but my friend saw a car coming my way, and pushed me to the side, then my other friend pushed him. Both g-got h-h-hit by the car and f-flew 30 feet up and landed on the g-ground hard." I said, crying.
"Alright, we will call your parents and those two boys parents." The cop told me, and patted my back.
I started crying so much, I prayed to God. Please...Please...Please let them live, I'd give you anything to let them live....please... The paramedics told me that the boys had a few broken bones and a concussion and that's it. I didn't believe them. The cop was talking to the driver, and that person got arrested. A few minutes later Jason and Kyle's parents came and my parents came a few minutes after them. The boys were rushed to the hospital with their parents.
"KATHARINE!" my dad yelled.
"Daddy!" I yelled back, I ran to him and hugged him, I was crying on his chest.
"Sweetie are you alright?!?!" My dad panicked. 
"Yeah..I-I-I'm fine...Jason and K-Kyle ar-ar-arent." I said crying even harder.
"C'mon let's go in the car and go to the hospital." My dad said, and leaded me into the car. I put my seatbelt on and he went to go to talk to the cop. Dad came back 5 minutes later. 
"Yeah, we're deffinately taking you to the doctors." My dad said, patting my leg.  We rushed to the hospital, but there was so much traffic on the freeway. We got the the hospital 40 minutes later. We rushed to the emergency room and asked one of the nurses if they could take us to Kyle and Jason. 
"I'm sorry miss, but we can't do that. He's working with those two patients and no one can see them. I'll go check on him if you can." The nurse said.
"Okay, thank you." I said, looking at my dad. We sat on the chairs and waited for the nurse to get back. "Kath, what happened?" My dad asked, he had a worried expression on his face.
" We were walking from Nate's house to Jasons. And we had to cross this road where it was really busy. Jason crossed first and he got to the other side safely. Then me and Kyle waited because there were a bunch of cars crossing by. So when there we-"
"Uhm, miss? The doctor said that you can see your friends in the morning around 7. You don't have to go home, so you can just sleep here. If you need anything just ask any of the nurses." The nurse said.
"Oh....Okay...thanks..." I said looking down...
"We can stay here for the night." My dad said. I looked at him and smiled.
"Thanks daddy." I said, and gave him a hug.
"You're gonna have to tell the story later to me though." My dad said seriously. 
"Okay." I said, and fell asleep on the chair. 
*Next Morning.*
I woke up from a tap on my shoulder, I looked up and it was my dad. 
"Wanna go look at the boys?" My dad said, sipping his coffee. 
"Uhm...yeah." I said, yawning. I stretched and followed my dad to where the room the boys were staying at. I saw both of the boys, they were sleeping and they both had castes on their leg. There was a doctor and a nurse in the room.
"Where are their parents?" I asked.
"They went down the cafeteria to get something to eat, we're gonna watch them for a while." My dad said. I looked at both of the boys, they had scratches on their faces and arms...oh god...
"Miss.Klitch..." The doctor called me. I looked at him, and the look on face warned me that something bad was going to happen to them. I looked at the boys, and tears were filling my eyes again. This is just a dream, it has to be.

  Torn Between Two-31

 Days have passed and it was already friday. Everybody at school was so excited for Nate's party tonight, it's gonna be the biggest party of the year. I was scared to go, Nate is the richest kid at our school and everyone knows that there will definitely be weed and alcohol there. I told Kyle that I didn't want to go but he persuaded me, ugh, damn him.
yeeeooo girly, i'm going to the party with you and kyle. & derek and jason are going to the party too.
oh. alrighty, come over so i can do your hair.    
ard, ill be there in 5.cya.

I went to my closet and looked for an outfit. I found this sparkly tank top and put it on my bed, I heard the doorbell ring so I went downstairs.
"Okay, so I was thinking of doing a waterfall braid for my hair." Kristen said barging in.
"Sure, i'll do it for you." I said heading upstairs.
Kristen sat on my bed and was just watching me curl my hair, when I was done I put on my tank top and put on some ripped jeans.
"Alright, so you just want a waterfall braid?" I asked Kristen.
"Yeah." She said texting someone. I worked on Kristens hair and I was done in 2 minutes. Kristen looked gorgeous, she work this pretty purple flowy top, skinny jeans and converse. 
"LET'S GO PARTY!" Kristen said, and grabbed my hand. We went downstairs and waited for Kyle. The party was starting at 7 and it was 6:50, why the hell was it taking Kyle so long to come over? It was 7:10 when Kyle came.
"Well, it was about time!" Kristen said.
"Yeah...sorry about that, I had to help my mom with a few things, anyways lets go." Kyle said and held my hand. We went inside Kristen's car and drove to Nate's house. When we arrived there, my eyes grew big. His house was HUGE. It was one of those huge hollywood mansions. We all got out of the car and headed to the huge loud house. Beer bottles were everywhere, oh geez. When we got inside there were people everywhere and it smelled like weed. Kristen saw Jason and Drake and we went to them.
"So you guys finally made it?" Jason said smiling.
"Aha, yeah..." I said.
"WHAT ARE WE STANDING HERE FOR, WE NEED TO PARTY!" Kristen said and started grinding with Nate. 
"Haha, I guess she's right." Kyle said and grabbed my waist. We both started dancing with each other. I had a blast. We took a break and grabbed some drinks. Kyle drank 4 loko and so was I. I know I should't be drinking, but everybody was doing what the hell. The night was amazing and me and Kyle wanted to go. Kristen wasn't going to drive us because she's deffinetly drunk. Drake stayed with her while Jason Kyle and I walked back to Jason's house. It wasn't a far walk, Nate's house is about 10 minutes away from Jasons. It was 11 at night so we really need to be careful. All of us kept on talking the whole walk home, it was an amazing conversation. We had to cross this road where a bunch of cars were driving by, so we deffinetly have to watch out. Jason went first, he looked both ways and ran. There were a few cars that went by after he crossed. Me and Kyle had to wait for a while. There were no signs of cars so me and Kyle both crossed the road. When we crossed the road, my phone fell out of my purse. I went back to go get then all of a sudden Kyle yelled my name and pushed me away from the road.  

**Hey guys this doesn't have to do anything with the story but I just wanted to thank all of you guys that are reading my stories and giving me feedback. I love you guys so much and I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday! You are the reason's that I keep writing! Happy Holidays! xoxo.