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Tell me you love me,
and I'll be yours forever
Hi, I'm Emily(:
I'm 14 years old;

Freshmannn WoOo0p
Im crazy&silly alot but hey,

we're only young once right?(;

I love all my Friends&Family!

Brooke.Ari.Emily.Emma.Ashley.Hannah V.

I could never live without them.♥



Fav. Follow. Comment. Talk to me!(:

Love you all <3 


Quotes by imaginexox3

That Awkward Moment..

when your stretching and your inner - pornstar moan comes out by accident.. (;



You spend a l l your time     

>>>> looking for the right girl;
Yet I've been here all along..

S   o   m   e      i     s      n     m    f  


f eel like I can't do anything right. . . 


Sometimes, I wish

   I could be that girl that gets 50 likes
on her profile picture..

For all the girls ; who ARE size 0 and that top quote saying "only dogs go for bones" made you upset,
We are
beautiful too..
And t
hat quote is offensive

E v e r y o n e  i s  b e a t i f u l . <3


Too baI can't 
Take back all of my 11:11 wishes
 I   w a s t e d  o n  y o u .
 ♥ ] [ ♥ ] [ ♥ ]
n     mf   


I wonder what the world would be like,
without  makeup..




People always tell me not to cry; 

But is a smile really beautiful if its a lie?


That Awkward Moment . .
when you wake up from a dream that
you could have swore was real life.. 

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