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Tell me you love me,
and I'll be yours forever
Hi, I'm Emily(:
I'm 14 years old;

Freshmannn WoOo0p
Im crazy&silly alot but hey,

we're only young once right?(;

I love all my Friends&Family!

Brooke.Ari.Emily.Emma.Ashley.Hannah V.

I could never live without them.♥



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Love you all <3 


Quotes by imaginexox3

 "OMG today I broke a nail. It hurt so bad."
"Oh really?! Today I got my heart broken..sorry about your nail though.."

And sometimes
I wonder

w h o knows when my 

smile  is fake  


Ten things I want to say to 10 people continued.....

6. Emily - Twin<3 I love you
 soooooooo much<3 Thank you for always being here for me and I cant w a i t for your party tomorrow<3 WOOT WOOT<3 Your so gorgeous even with your died hair! I cant wait to see it in person<3 We legit live the same livees and we both have dysfunctional familes.. <3 I love you SO MUCH and i really hope we can stay good friends through highschool..  <3

7. Ari- I miss you so much<l3 We used to be so close ! And im really sorry because i knowim the one that screwed that up /:  after i started going out with john, things r e a l l y changed and im  SO sorry.. because a real friend doesnt leave their friends.. and i did. but i really hope that you forgive me and  I hope that we can become closer in  highschool?<3 because i miss you /: and you were a l w a y s there for me.. thank you so much. & Im still always here for you. I promise<3 Klu  Klow Lie aaf<3 Kily<3 ;) ;* (: 

8. Carl- I know you dont have a witty.. and i know we dont talk anymore  but you were my first crush.. and we were b e s t f r i e n d s. we were so close that we had sleepovers..  Like the two boy&girl bestfriends that you see in movies ? Like My Girl? That was us<3 Except you didnt die.. we just stopped being bestfriends because the school closed down.. and boys&girls couldnt be bestfriends without liking each other in 5th grade.. but i guess that was kinda true .. because i liked you.. Well your going to Salem High.. and i kinda wonder if we will like reunite and be bestfriends again? or if youve changed.. I really hope your the same.. Thanks for being my bestfriend and always being there for me..  (:

9. Hannah- I know you dont have a witty but you'll probably end up seeing this..  Your my only sister and I hate you sometimes but I dont know what i would do without you.. I love you<3 and when i say i hate you, i never mean it.. cuz your my sister.. and i love you.

10. Emma -  Im sosososo sorry.  We used to be hip to hip always together.. and know it seems like i never see you. and i know its my fault. but in a way its not. because when i put it all together.. when st joes shut down.. and we had to go to different schools we toatlly drifted. because we made new bestfriends.. and then even after like when summer came? I had other friends and you had other friends.. but i was always with my other friends and im sorry for that.. Thank you for always being there for me and Remember im a l w a y s her for you.. the other night was so fun reuniting<3 we should do it more often. I love you hun<3  You'll always be like a little sister to me and my bestfriend.. weve had so  many memoeries and  i just love you.. words cant explain it. I miss you! Love you babe <3

btw this is in NO order.. love you guys<3

Day 1: 10 things I want to say to ten people

1. Mom I Love you so much. And Even though you wont see this, maybe I'll show it to you, I just wanted to say I love you. And I never in my life have hated you. I think your wrong sometimes for going back to "ronnie" but I still love you. and always will. and thank you for everything. For being so strong and taking care of all of us even when dad left us. I love you and your the strongest women I've ever met. Your my hero.

2. Dad-  Remember me? I dont even know you anymore. I know you dont care about me anymore. and probably dont even remember im here cuz your an alcoholic  and you left us years ago but Thank you for giving me life. And being there for me when you were.. but i will never forgive you for leaving us. Im sorry. I just cant. And if i ever see you again, dont come running back to me like im still a daddys little girl, because i know your living with another family with other kids.. and that family probably has your replacement of me..  But I hope you know she'll never look like you like I do. and never love you as much as I did.<l3

3. John- You have a witty.. and i really hope you dont see this.. but I miss you a l o t . . Thank you for always being there for me. Im a l w a y s here for you if you need me.. and i know we went through some tough times but we still had each other.. And i know you've changed and you have a l o t of other girls around you now, but i just wanted to tell you, I'll never forget you. And Even if its just as friends now i still love you(: and when you called me today.. the biggest smile lighted up on my face, just thought you should know..<3

4. Ashley- Hi(: You have a witty so i hope you see this! I love youuu<3 & You were my first best friend ive ever had! Weve had some really good memories and I really wish that we never moved away from each other.. sometimes i cry cuz i miss you cuz we are so far apart.. But i still trust you with all my heart and you'll always be my bestfriend.. I can legit tell you a n y t h i n g .. I wish you lived in salem /: But thats okay because once we reunite, we always left of from where we started as.. bestfriends<3 I love you and thank you for always being here for me. 

5. Brooke- My sister/therapist/Bestfriend.. I love you so much words cant explain<3 and i know we fight sometimes but we a l w a y s make up and Im so glad we glad we do cuz i could never live without you.. Thank you for always being there for me. Through e v e r y t h i n g when n o  o n e else was. Thank you for letting me cry myself to sleep in your arms that one night.. Your mom thought you were a lesbian<3. Im sorry if i ever hurt you or lied to you.. But never would I ever do that again. I never have been this close to anyone and i really do hope we stay bestfriends forever. One of my biggest fears is that we will drift in  highschool and i really hope and pray that that doesnt happen.. because honestly i dont know what i would do without you.. Pinkies<3 I Love you my fluffy marshmallow kitten(;

To be continued.......



 I miss the o l d you..  

Its my Birthday(;
Im pumped

I'm turning 14 in 18 minutes!

 & I L o v e how you care
about me for a day
then we go back to s t r a n g e r s



Wait, I'm confused? 
I thought you cared about me..


Theres an "
iLy" in Fam[iLy]
But theres also an "[


nmf ; nmq


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