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Take mentos and freeze.them into icecubes.

  Then give your friend a diet coke and

put the icecubes with mentos into their drink.

After five minutes, their drink will randomly explode.

You're welcome.c: 


i pray for you daddy


incase no one else will

i doubt they do daddy

cause your temper is ill

but i love you daddy

and mommy does too

im sorry i left daddy

but are you and mommy sorry too?

i dont know why you had to be this way daddy

i dont understand

and although you threw your life away daddy

i miss those old times when you and mommy were mine


i cant forgive you daddy

but i wont through a fit

so dont you forget daddy

that i love you daddy

i love mommy too

but do i ever cross your mind daddy

i really want to know

have you left me alone daddy

without both you and mom?

do you miss me daddy?

as much as i miss you?

i doubt it but i still love you daddy

i love mommy too.



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