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so for some reason I decided to come back on this website just to check what was up and wow so much has changed.

but anyway yeah. 

Quotes by imayellowkangaroo

Note to self:
                     stop expecting

I f someone held a gun to my head,
I wouldn't beg for my life.


I want to start over.


I want to tell someone about what I'm doing to myself, so freaking much.



I'm just tired. I'm tired of waking up to the same routine everyday, seeing the same people, it's getting old.
I'm tired of waking up alone and cold. Pushing myself to get out of bed.
"I'm just tired," thats my excuse.



         I would like to disappear 

Have you ever been walking down a street, cars going and coming, and all you wanted to do was jump in front of them?


In an Interview

Liam: Yeahm you have no idea how much I love our fans. They mean the world to us. We like to think of them as one big happy family!
Me:  F//uck
Me: ...
Me:  Family-zoned.

Me meeting Harry one day

me: *hands him a piece of paper*
Harry: Let me guess, this is your Twitter and phone number
me: Haha, no what kind of fan do you think I am?
Harry: Then what is it?
me: My address
Me: The front door will be unlocked.
me:  I will be waiting Harold

Tom Daley should be the opening act for One Direction on the 2013 tour.
he can just walk on stage in a speedo and then walk off. you feel me?