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I`m Alex. I`m Fourteen. I'm outgoing and an insomniac. All I do is play tennis.


Quotes by imdone_youwonthistime

you        probably
wish you    never
met me         but i
wish you'll  never
forget               me.

If you knew
just how much

i think about you,

 you'd probably

think that i'm a
s   r.

is an incredibly powerful word. when you're in love,
you always want to be together, and when you're not,
you're thinking about being together because you need that
person and without them your life is incomplete.


the one word that effortlessly
makes girls think of that one
guy who absolutely stole
her heart.


no he doesn't
love you...

he      loves      how      far      you      open     your      legs      ♥

and i hope you know just how lucky you are;
that you have him wrapped around your finger, tied with a little bow. that you're his, he hugs you
all of the time, he kisses you all of the time, that he follows you around like a lost puppy.
but more of all....
I hope you know just how lucky you are;

that he's yours.


& you see right
through       m
how                do  
you do      that? ..????


i know how it feels to sit on the edge of your bed

with your face in your hands, wishing the world would just end
*my fade; not my quote
i love it when it's late at night
because thats when i think he's not going to text me
m y p h o n e l i g h t s u p -x-
and then so does my

quote credit to whoever