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Sup Ma?
I`m Alex. I`m Fourteen. I'm outgoing and an insomniac. All I do is play tennis.


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you stop making mistakes,

is the minute you stop learning


                                                          - Miley Cyrus


- OneDirection


Person 1: I can draw really well!
Person 2: I'm really athletic!
Person 3: I write really well!
Person 4: I'm gorgeous!
Person 5I'm hilarious and super likeable!
Person 6: I can dance really well!
Me: I can breathe!


i've always wanted to do this so... fave this and comment your name, and i will comment back a name that goes with yours. i'll be 100% honest <3

  Clse your eyes,

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Runs for phone , jumps over sofa, runs a marathon, swims the Atlantic Ocean, pushes mom out of the way, grabs phone...


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  That sad moment when you can feel you and your best friend slowly drifting apart... ☹

Waking up from a good dream

and trying to fall back asleep so you can continue the dream


Guess what?.
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"I hate when girls act stupid. Intelligence is sexy" - Niall

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Zayn wants a younger girlfriend, so he can protect her.

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Stop calling yourself hot, the

only thing you turn on is the