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hi, im gabby! im mostly saticfied w/ my life.I'm 5.9 which is awkwardly tall for my age.I'm in love with 5 homosexuals. btw, follow me and i will definitly follow you back! (same aplies for twitter)@HeyItsGabbby. If you want to add me on Facebook, just ask! april 27th is my birthday, so tell me if im your twin! i play volleyball, softball, and basketball. but im also a girly-girl. im liked by lots, trusted by some, and loved by none. but I heart being single, so whatevs; im actually  taken by my Tomlinson, Payne, Malik, Horan, & Styles.

Quotes by imegacool

I wish

I was british.  I would find myself so amussing.






Louis  bought Eleanor  $6,400 shoes 
I'd cry if he bought me a happymeal.

I will never
 Be one of
Those people who
Don't care what 
Other people
Think of me


Our small, stupid conversations
mean so much more to me than you'll ever know.

She's falling apart but 
no one seems to notice that she is dieing inside.

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There's photoshop, autotune, and plastic surgery.

But you can't fix an ugly personality. 




 don't miss you when you're gone, they miss you when you move on. 

God  put you into this world for a reason.
Please don't leave without one.

If the
of beauty
gets any
is going
to be
able to fit.


I'm not happy,

                                                    so don't expect me to act like everything is okay.

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