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hi, im gabby! im mostly saticfied w/ my life.I'm 5.9 which is awkwardly tall for my age.I'm in love with 5 homosexuals. btw, follow me and i will definitly follow you back! (same aplies for twitter)@HeyItsGabbby. If you want to add me on Facebook, just ask! april 27th is my birthday, so tell me if im your twin! i play volleyball, softball, and basketball. but im also a girly-girl. im liked by lots, trusted by some, and loved by none. but I heart being single, so whatevs; im actually  taken by my Tomlinson, Payne, Malik, Horan, & Styles.

Quotes by imegacool

did you know;

-more people remember their first kiss than who they lost their virginity to. 

- one of the main ingredeints in in lipstick is fishscales.

- all of the babies from the Rugrats were voiced by girls.

- It takes an average person 17 monthes and 25 days to get over an EX.

- Cat pee glows in the dark under black light.

- Grapes explode in the microwave.

-Eating celery actually burns calories.

- Chicken nuggets and Breast implants comtian some of the same ingredeints.


That one day
of popularity on Facebook because it’s your birthday. ......,,,,hh..rth........





Justin takes Selena

 on exotic vacations,
expensive dinners, and
gives her thousands of dollars worth of gifts;

I'd cry if he gave me a brick.

that little wtf moment

w h e n  you  think  you  did  great  on  a  test  and  end  up  fa i l ing. 

Don't Judge Her

by how she seems out they outside, because on the inside she could be falling apart.


If Only You Knew
what goes through her head when she thinks of you


Is Eating A Sport?

because they  should really make it one.


Congradulations Society.
You made a perfectly confident girl turn into the most insecure girl
You made a  girl who loved the way she was, unlove herself.
You made a happy girl cry herself to sleep every night. 




Biggest Lies:
-I cant, I'm busy.
-I don't like anyone.
-I'm not mad at you.
-I'm over him.
-Yes Mom, my room is clean.
-I'm fine.

n m f

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