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Oh hey guys(:
My name's Brooke.
Im a TRUE Wittian!!
I blow the candles out on January 21<3
I'm fourteen at the moment.
My best friend, Kelly has a witty too.
Go leave her a comment.
Her witty is setthemusicfree (:
I absolutely LOVE All TIme Low.
They're amazing.
skfsalk. <3
No? That's cool too..
I'm unique.
I don't care what people
say about me.
So go ahead.
Take a shot.
Your words can't phase me(:
Leave me a comment,
Follow Me,
and be my friend. :)
I'm cool, on occasion.

Very to me people!! :) - Profile Counters

We are AWESOME :)))!!!


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                                                                                     Your the 1,000,000 visitor!

                                                                                       You win a new IPad 4!!



            DANG!! Im AWESOME!

             I WIN LIKE EVERYDAY!  




Silly pedophile  Witty's for kids!


The awkward moment when your having a conversation and there is that person standing there acting like they're apart of it! 




              That awkward moment when you are showing your friend your crush on Facebook and he doesn't have any good pictures and your like, NO, he is actually really cute!! 



          Who else can't eat when watching criminal minds or CSI because of the blood and stuff!!! :P



I am 80% obsessed with my looks

I own:


[x] straightener

[x] curling iron

[] mousse

[x] hair spray

[x] gel

[x]other sprays

[x] bobby pins

[x] round barrel brush

[x] blow dryer

[x] mirror

[x] you have dyed your hair

[x] you have or had highlights

Total: 11



[x] black eyeliner

[x] other color eyeliner

[x] eye shadow

[x] mascara

[] fake eyelashes

[x]eyelash curler

[] eye shimmer

[] colored contacts

[] stunna shades

[x]eye makeup remover

Total so far: 17



[x] clear lip gloss

[x] red or pink gloss

[x] lip stick

[x] chap stick

[] lip plumper

[] electric toothbrush

[x] teeth whitener

[x] lip liner

[x] more than 15 lipglosses

[x] toothpaste

Total so far:25


Complexion/Overall face

[x] blush

[x] moisturizer

[x] face wash

[] bronzer

[x] makeup remover

[x] face wipes

[x] powder

[x] cover up

Total so far: 32


[x] nail polish

[x] filer

[x] nail clipper

[x] nail buffer

[x] cuticle remover

[] nail hardener

[x] nail brush

[x] Fake nails

[x] nail scissors

Total so far: 40


Overall Total: 40

Now,multiply your score by 2

Then, repost as I am 80% obsessed with my looks!

The awkward moment when your friend takes a bad picture of you and you don't know and she posts it on Facebook


Be Truthful.
A - Available? Yes
B - Birthday? January 21
C - Crushing on? Oli and Elliot
D - Drink you last had? Water?
E - Easiest person to talk to? Kelly
F - Favorite song? Idk (too many to choose from)
G - Gummy bears or gummy worms? Gummy worms
H - Hometown? ummmm.... military brat sooooooo yeah
I- In love with? IDK (well i guess if IDK im not)
J - Jealous of? ummmmm........the girl that My crush likes
K - Killed someone? Oreos
L - Longest car ride? ummmmmm 2 days
M - Milkshake flavor? mint chocolat chip
N - Number of siblings? 4 brothers 3 sister
O - One wish? ummmm to have elliot like me and we go out and live happily ever after and oli stops liking me so yeah
P - Person you texted last? ummmmm kelly (setthemusicfree)
Q - Question you are always asked?  mum IDK maybe Are u american because i live in england!
R - Reason to smile? My friends
S - Song you last listened to? Lost in Stereo-All Time Low
T - Time you woke up? 10 maybe idk
U - Underwear color? white and purple and blue
V - Violent moment you had? shoving kellys face into the snow last night!! :)) (setthemusicfree)
W - Worst habit? My attitude.
X - X-rays you had? hand and leg 
Y - Yoyos are? confusing, retarded, dumb.
Z - Zodiac sign? Aquarius

                              Me: Hey look at all the white pigeons over there!

          Dad: Ummmmm.....those are called Seagulls!!