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Joela is my everything. :)

Reema here :)
 I love;
 Taylor Swift.
 Demi Lovato.
 &books :)
 it's just him &i
 forever &always <3
 - stay beautiful my lovelies :) xo



WishUponA_Star - she's my best friend <3 &she's hilarious. 

SunshineAndHappyDays - my second best friend &she's amazing.

iLoveReema - my boyfriend <3 &i couldn't possibly love anyone else the way I love him; he's my everything <3

1Dfan - she is absolutely gorgeous &the only one that can make me smile<3

iLoveReema here now, Reema's just so cute & I just had to this, sorry sweetiee <3

Well Reema ( Iminlove1208 )

None of you know her like I do, there's one word that can easily describe her, She's perfect.
She has the prettiest eyes you'll ever encounter, they're light brown, they glisten in the light.
She's beautiful, I'll tell her everyday, but she won't believe me so please guys, enlighten her!
She really is beautiful.
She's so funny, and cute, and omg she's edible! but don't try biting her, because... She's mine. All mine :) <3
Oh and don't say you love her, because you don't. I love her! :D <3
Thank you Reema, thanks for everything <3
iloveyou <3 x

Quotes by iminlove1208

I can't even explain how much you mean to me. 
I don't want you to think that. 
You mean everything to me. 
Everything and more. 
You're not just my prince; 
youre my whole world. 

'he doesn't love you anymore'
are the only words that I keep hearing now.
'he won't ever give up his world for you'
are the words everyone screams at me.
'his eyes are empty when they looks at you now'
is what everyone taunts me with.

Maybe you don't feel the same anymore
but all I really want is for you to love me with all your heart
so that I can feel it myself
so that there's no other girl in the picture.
I just want you to  be mine.


You're si n love
neveknew Icould feel that much - 



 "What's your most favourite thing about me?" I asked.
There's so many things to pick from, there's just everything about you. But I'm going to go with your beautiful personality. 
 i love you

These wallthatheput up

to hold us back will fall down.

Is it killing you
like it's killin

Whatever I do is just never good enough. 

There's s omething in your eyes that say,
"we can beat this."

wanteyoto know th at...
I'M ALWAYS HERE.                           I WON'T EVER LET YOU DOWN - 
promise that you caalways count on me.
----------   I love you, more than you'll ever know. 

Thaawful momenwhen
his jacket doesn't smell of him anymore; it smells more of me..
and you can't smell hipresence anymore.